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My wife's ancestors - Latimore - Contents

Latimore of Northamptonshire

Spelling varies.
William is Lattimer.
His dau Elizabeth is Lattimore at bapt, Latimore at marriage.

William Lattimer,
or Lattimore,
born 1728.
See Wikitree.
He mar 3 Nov 1751 to Sarah Adams [born 1719].
They mar at Great Easton, Leicestershire. See transcript and transcript.
Proof it is them:
Elizabeth Lattimore is bapt Gretton, dau of William and Sarah. This is the only marriage of a William and Sarah of this surname or similar in Northamptonshire or neighbouring counties at that time. And it is very close to Gretton. It must be them.

They lived Gretton, Northamptonshire (very close to Great Easton, across county border).
Sarah, wife of William Lattimer, was bur 28 Mar 1802 at Gretton, age 83 (born 1719). See transcript.
William Lattimer, apparently a "pauper", was bur 25 Mar 1810 at Gretton, age 82 (born 1728). See transcript.
They had issue:

  1. Elizabeth Latimore,
    bapt Elizabeth Lattimore, 15 Oct 1758 in Gretton.
    Proof this baptism is her:
    Her burial record says she would be born 1758. She married in Gretton which suggests she is from there.
    This is the only person of her name born in Gretton in that period.
    Note also our Elizabeth calls her children Sarah and William. It must be her. Wikitree agrees.

    She was already pregnant at marriage.
    She mar 4 Nov 1781 to Oliver Stanger and had issue.
    They mar in Gretton. See mar entry from here.
    Alan Bloor thought married 7 Nov but it is clear it says 4 Nov.

Baptism of Elizabeth "Lattimore", 15 Oct 1758 in Gretton.
From here.
It might read 18 Oct. It is hard to tell.

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