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Michael Bambury,
this might be him and wife listed on Main St, Ballylongford, in [Census, 1911], he is "shopkeeper",
the premises of "Michael Bambury, drapery" in Ballylongford was burnt by the Black and Tans in their attack on Ballylongford in Feb 1921,
had issue:

Tom Bambury,
Thomas, born 1913,
listed as "farmer" of Ballylongford at mar,
mar 1937 to Alice McEllistrem [born 31 Dec 1914],
had issue:

  1. Betty Bambury, mar Bill Flynn and had issue:
    1. David Flynn, mar Allyson Davies and had issue:
      1. Mark Flynn.
      2. Louise Flynn.
    2. Alicia Flynn, mar Sean Ryan and had issue:
      1. Liam Ryan.
      2. Alicia Ryan.
      3. Sinead Ryan.

  2. Michael Bambury, mar Mary Collins and had issue:
    1. Thomas Bambury, mar Anita Palmer and had issue:
      1. Aisling Bambury.
    2. Alan Bambury, mar Niamh Clohosey and had issue:
      1. Aoife Bambury.
      2. Ciara Bambury.
    3. Michael Bambury, mar Emer Hallissey and had issue:
      1. Alison Bambury.
      2. Daniel Bambury.
    4. Donal Bambury, mar Susan Bolger and had issue:
      1. Bobby Bambury.
      2. Mary Bambury.

  3. Thomas Bambury, mar Peggy Kirwan and had issue:
    1. Alison Bambury.
    2. Brian Bambury.
    3. Andrew Bambury.

  4. Helen Bambury, mar Aidan O'Brennan and had issue:
    1. John O'Brennan.
    2. Kieran O'Brennan.

  5. Marian Bambury, mar John Whelan and had issue:
    1. Paul Whelan.
    2. John Whelan.
    3. Elaine Whelan.
    4. Maria Whelan.

  6. Noel Bambury, mar Nellie Deasy and had issue:
    1. Alicia Bambury.
    2. Sean Bambury.
    3. Tomas Bambury.
    4. Noel Bambury.
    5. Colm Bambury.

  7. Richard Bambury, mar Kay Crowley and had issue:
    1. Richard Bambury.
    2. Kevin Bambury.
    3. Mark Bambury.

  8. Anne Bambury, mar Timmy O'Flaherty and had issue:
    1. Siobhan O'Flaherty, mar ----.
    2. Maire O'Flaherty, mar ----.
    3. Alice O'Flaherty.
    4. Billy O'Flaherty.
    5. Annette O'Flaherty.
    6. Emma O'Flaherty.

  9. Alicia Bambury, mar Dan Mulvihill and had issue:
    1. Donal Mulvihill.
    2. Tommy Mulvihill.
    3. Frank Mulvihill.

  10. Lucy Bambury, mar Gerard Neville and had issue:
    1. Grace Neville.
    2. John Neville.

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