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Michael McEllistrem

Michael McEllistrem.
On back is date 1929, though he looks too young for that to be date of photo.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of Helen Bambury.

Michael McEllistrem,
"Mikey Mac", born 1860.
He wit his sister's mar 1892.
He ran family business on Main St, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.
He is listed there with his mother in 1901 census, he is "farmer", unmarried.
[P106/170] is letter of 11 Apr 1910 from "M. McEllistrem", Ballylongford, to Anno.
He is listed in [Census, 1911], at Main Street, Ballylongford, listed as "farmer", unmarried. There are 7 out-buildings attached to the house - 2 stables, 1 coach house, 1 cow house, 1 calf house, 1 dairy and 1 fowl house.
He is listed as "farmer", living Ballylongford, at mar 1913.

He mar 1913 [him age 53, her age 25] to Ellen Dee [Helena, born 1888].
He ran McEllistrem business and farm. Exported hay to England in WWI.
Listed as "farmer" of Ballylongford at son's birth 1917 and at death and children's marriages.
He died Ballylongford, 28 Feb 1930, age 70 yrs [GROI].
He was bur Lislaughtin Abbey, Ballylongford.
She died Main St, Ballylongford, 27 July 1979 [GROI], age 91 yrs.
She was bur Lislaughtin Abbey.
Michael and Ellen had issue:

  1. Alice McEllistrem,
    Alicia, born 31 Dec 1914,
    listed as of Ballylongford at mar,
    mar 16 Jan 1937, St.Mary's, Limerick [GROI] to Tom Bambury and had issue.

  2. Richard McEllistrem,
    Dick, born "McEllistrem", Oct 1915.
    He mar Maudie Fitzmaurice [Margaret, from Ballylongford].
    Moved to Kent in England around 1945.
    Adopted spelling "McEllistrum". He said the British immigration people misspelt it and he did not correct them.
    He died 7 Apr 1995 in Orpington, Kent, age 79 yrs.
    He was bur Lislaughtin Abbey, near Ballylongford.
    Maudie died 4 May 2004 [grave, Lislaughtin].
    They had issue:

    1. Helen McEllistrum,
      mar 1stly to --- Cragg and had issue:
      1. Phillip Cragg, had issue:
        1. Shankly Cragg.
        2. Mishka Cragg.
      mar 2ndly to Gwyn Lewis and had issue:
      1. Christopher Lewis.
      2. Clare Lewis, had issue:
        1. Tyler Lewis.

    2. Mary McEllistrum, mar Leonard Albert Sparkes and had issue:
      1. Katherine Louise Sparkes, had issue:
        1. Olivia Mary Sparkes.
        2. Ben Prior.
      2. Richard McEllistrum.

    3. Richard McEllistrum, mar Kathleen Tarrant and had issue:
      1. Thomas McEllistrum.
      2. Lucy McEllistrum.
      3. Joseph McEllistrum.
    4. Eamon McEllistrum.

  3. Michael McEllistrem,
    NOT "McEllistrim",
    born Michael Christopher, 2 Jan 1917, Ballylongford [GROI].

"Birdie" O'Rahilly in a letter of 1916 rather prematurely says that Michael McEllistrem is "dying".

McEllistrem grave, Lislaughtin Abbey.
Photo 2006. See full size.

Ellen Dee with her children Richard, Michael and Alice, c.1923.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of Helen Bambury.
See also scan of the copy printed in [McAuliffe, vol.1, 2011, p.65].

Alice McEllistrem (left) and her brother Michael at the old shop in Ballylongford, c.1930s.
From [McAuliffe, vol.1, 2011, p.65].
See larger and full size.

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