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My wife's ancestors - Murray - Contents

Farquharson Murray

Farquharson Murray,
bapt 2 Sept 1806, Alford, Aberdeenshire.
See entry in tree by "bblueeys223".
See entry in tree by Sarah White.

He mar pre-1826 to Ann Gordon [born 1798, Clatt, Aberdeenshire].
At children's bapts 1826-1828 they are listed at Newton Carnaveron, Alford parish.
At children's bapts 1829-1834 they are listed as of village of Alford.
They are listed (and p.2) in 1851 census in Alford village. He is a crofter of 3 ½ acres and a "contractor".

It seems they went to America.
Ann died 29 Nov 1865 in New London, Ohio, age 67 yrs [Jim Everett].
It seems Farquharson came back to Scotland, or never went.
At son William's mar 1868 he is listed as "labourer".

Farquharson reported his son William's death in Alford in 1878. He is listed as "agricultural labourer".
He is listed in 1881 census at Toll House, Alford, a widower, living with William's widow and family. He is "formerly labourer".
He is described at death as "pauper / formerly crofter and contractor".
He died 19 Oct 1893, Muir of Greystone, central Alford, age 87 yrs. See death cert.
Farquharson and Ann had issue:

  1. James Murray,
    born 15 Nov 1826,
    bapt 5 Dec 1826, Alford. See bapt entry (and full page).
    NOT born 22 Nov 1827.
    Settled in Ohio, USA.

  2. William Murray,
    born 5 Feb 1828,
    bapt 19 Feb 1828, Alford. See bapt entry (and full page).

  3. Anna Murray,
    Anna Gordon Murray, Ann,
    born 22 July 1829 [bapt], think NOT 10 July,
    bapt 29 July 1829, Alford, wit Peter Murray and William Gordon, see bapt entry,
    at home in Alford village in 1851 census,
    went to America,
    mar Charles Robert Smith,
    had issue:

    1. Jessie Kornelius Smith, born 1866,
      mar John Samuel Brethouwer,
      had issue:

      1. Hester Viola Brethouwer, born 1910,
        mar Leo Leander Riley,
        had issue:

        1. Mary Kathyrn Riley, born 1945,
          mar --- Reynolds,
          had issue:

          1. --- Reynolds.
            DNA match to Janet Noltie.

  4. Farquharson Murray,
    born 8 Mar 1831,
    bapt 14 Mar 1831, Alford, or poss. 14 May.
    Listed in 1841 census with Alexander Jeffrey (probably brother of his aunt) at Wellheads near Alford.
    At home in Alford village in 1851 census, listed as "farmer's son".

  5. Sarah Murray,
    born 29 July 1832 [bapt entry], think NOT 10 June,
    bapt 6 Aug 1832, Alford, see bapt entry (and full page).
    (todo) Sarah is found in a large number of Ancestry trees.
    She had a natural child in 1853 with John Ferguson and later married him.
    Went to Ohio, USA.

  6. Peter Murray,
    born 28 May 1834,
    bapt 6 July 1834, Alford, wit Peter Murray and William Gordon, see bapt entry.

  7. Margaret Murray,
    born 1838, Alford,
    at home in Alford village in 1851 census, age 13.

  8. Sophia Murray,
    born 1840, Alford,
    at home in Alford village in 1851 census, age 11.

Baptism of Sarah Ferguson in Alford in 1853, the natural child of John Ferguson and Sarah Murray.
"John Ferguson, Tullynessle, and Sarah Murray, village [of Alford], both unmarried persons, had a daughter baptised ..."
See full size.

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