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My wife's ancestors - Murray - Contents

William Murray

William Murray,
born 1 Aug 1836.
See entry in tree by Ellen DeMasi.
He is at home in 1841 census at Mid Mill, near Alford, Aberdeenshire.
At home in 1851 census.
He mar 6 Dec 1860 to Janet Reid [born 1834].
Listed in 1881 census at Boghead, just NW of Tough, SE of Alford (see map). He is "meal and barley miller".
Janet died 25 June 1883, Boghead, age 49 yrs.
She was bur Alford, near Murray graves.

William took family to America 1886.
He settled near McMinnville, Oregon.
He died 31 Dec 1921, McMinnville, Oregon, age 85 yrs.
He was bur Masonic Cemetery (and here), McMinnville.
William and Janet had issue:

  1. Agnes Murray, born 6 Oct 1861, Mid Mill,
    census 1881 has her at Boghead,
    mar Charles F. Wagener (possibly "Fred") and had issue:

    1. Agnes Wagener,
      mar 1stly to Fredrick R. Murphey and had issue:

      1. Don Murphey,
        researched family tree.

  2. Peter Murray, born 7 Dec 1863, Mid Mill,
    census 1881 has him at Boghead,
    died 9 Oct 1925, McMinnville, Oregon, age 61 yrs,
    bur Masonic Cemetery, McMinnville.

  3. Jean Murray, born 10 Oct 1865, Mid Mill,
    census 1881 has her at Boghead,
    died 25 Jan 1906, McMinnville, Oregon, age 40 yrs, of "heart trouble",
    bur Masonic Cemetery, McMinnville.

  4. William Murray, born 3 Nov 1867, Alford,
    died 16 Nov 1870, Boghead, age 3 yrs,
    bur Alford.

  5. Elsie Murray, born 7 May 1870, Boghead,
    mar John Evenden and had issue:
    1. Dorothy Evenden.
    2. Robert Evenden [Bob].
    3. William Evenden [Bill].

  6. James Murray,
    born 26 Feb 1872, Boghead,
    mar 4 Nov 1905, Dayton, Oregon, to Minnie L. Oliphant [Minnie Luella Oliphant],
    she was born 4 Feb 1880, Kiester, Minnesota, dau of Melvin Oliphant,
    she died 10 Dec 1954, McMinnville, Oregon, age 74 yrs,
    bur Masonic Cemetery, McMinnville,
    he died 18 Jan 1969, McMinnville, Oregon, age 96 yrs,
    bur Masonic Cemetery, McMinnville,
    had issue:

    1. Alice Isabelle Murray.
    2. Melvin William Murray, mar Helen Thedin and had issue:
      1. Carl James Murray.
      2. Karen May Murray.
      3. Mabel Ann Murray.
      4. Minnie Elaine Murray.
    3. Glen Eugene Murray, mar Mary Alice Kerr and had issue:
      1. Peter Howard Murray.
      2. Marian Francis Murray.
      3. Sylvia Lee Murray.

    4. Donald Robert Murray, mar Vivian May Bennet and had issue:
      1. Ann Murray, researched family tree,
        mar Ray Albright and had issue:
        1. Leslie Ann Albright.
        2. James Michael Albright.
        3. Donald Allen Albright.
        4. Charles Clyde Albright.
      2. James Robert Murray.
      3. Michael Ray Murray.

    5. Leslie Lee Murray, mar Dorothy Deman.

    6. Edith Luella Murray,
      mar Gordon Pratt,
      had issue:
      1. Gordon Russell Pratt.
      2. Ruth Ann Pratt, mar --- Whitnah.
      3. Richard Leland Pratt.
      4. Walter Reed Pratt.

    7. Henry Franklin Murray, mar Mary King and had issue:
      1. Sandra Murray, researched family tree,
        mar --- Freeling.
      2. Judith Christine Murray.
      3. Rebecca Lee Murray.

    8. Jessie May Murray, mar Byron T. Webster and had issue:
      1. Franklin Henry Webster.
      2. Bonnie Jean Webster.
      3. Dixie Lee Webster.

  7. Ann Murray, born 25 Nov 1873, Boghead,
    mar Samuel Harris,
    died 5 May 1963, age 89 yrs.

  8. Helen Murray, born 20 Apr 1875, Boghead,
    mar Alexander Calder,
    she died 1957, age 82 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. James Calder.
    2. Esie Calder.
    3. Frank Calder.

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