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Peter Murray

This is said to be Peter Murray, senior, grandfather of the poet.
From the Charles Murray Memorial Fund. Posted here.

Peter Murray,
bapt 22 Nov 1798, Alford, Aberdeenshire.
He mar pre-1828 to Agnes Jeffrey [born 1798 or 1799 or 1801].
He witnessed the baptism of his nephew William Murray Feb 1828.
At children's baptisms in June 1828 to 1832, Peter and Agnes are listed at West Gallowhill, W of Alford (near Mid Mill).
"Peter Murray" wit the bapt of (must be his nephew) Peter Jeffrey Mar 1829.
He wit the bapt of his niece Anna Murray July 1829.
"Peter Murray" wit the bapt of (must be his niece) Margaret Jeffrey 1830.
He wit the bapt of his niece Sarah Murray 1832.
He wit the bapt of his nephew Peter Murray 1834.
At children's bapts 1834-1841 they are listed at Mid Mill, W of Alford.
Peter is described on his grave as "farmer and miller" of Mid Mill.
They are listed in 1841 census at Mid Mill. He is "miller".
They are listed in 1851 census at Mid Mill. He is farmer of 65 acres.
Agnes was one of the models for the John Phillip painting of 1855.

Agnes died 18 Oct 1868, Mid Mill, Alford [death cert],[grave], age 67 or 69 or 70 yrs. See death cert. Lists Peter as "farmer and miller".
She was bur in the old Kirkyard of Alford.
Peter is listed as widower in 1881 census, living at "1 Midmill". He is "retired farmer". His son Alexander is running the farm at Mid Mill.
He died 13 Nov 1884, Alford, age 86 yrs [grave].
He was bur in the old Kirkyard of Alford.
Peter and Agnes had issue:

  1. Sarah Murray,
    born 29 May 1828,
    bapt 5 June 1828, Alford, wit Peter Jeffrey and William Murray. See bapt entry.
    At home in 1841 census.
    At home in 1851 census.
    She mar 1861 to Henry Noltie and had issue.

  2. Alexander Murray,
    born 21 Mar 1830,
    bapt 28 Mar 1830, Alford, wit James Lindsay and Alexander Jeffrey,
    see bapt entry.

  3. Agnes Murray,
    born 29 June 1832,
    bapt 15 July 1832, Alford, wit Alexander Jeffrey and Joseph Middleton,
    see bapt entry (and full page).
    Not listed in 1841 census. Maybe died young.

  4. Peter Murray,
    born 18 June 1834,
    bapt 30 June 1834, Alford, wit Peter Jeffrey and James Paterson,
    see bapt entry,
    father of the poet Charles Murray.

  5. William Murray,
    born 1 Aug 1836, Alford,
    bapt 13 Aug 1836, Alford, wit Joseph Middleton and John Murray,
    see bapt entry.

  6. John Murray,
    born 14 July 1839, Alford,
    bapt about 6 weeks later (end-Aug 1839), Alford, wit John Murray and William Wilson,
    see bapt entry.

  7. James Murray,
    born Alford,
    baptism says born 29 May 1841,
    census says age 7 days (born 31 May or 1 June, 1841),
    newborn in census of 7 June 1841, at home in Mid Mill, not yet named,
    bapt 30 June 1841, Alford, wit James Reid and John Murray, see bapt entry,
    at home in 1851 census,
    mar 19 Dec 1868, Huntly, Aberdeenshire, to Hellen Mitchell [born 1846],
    census of 1881 has them at Carnation Cottage, Dyce, Aberdeen, her age 35, him listed as "carpenter",
    had issue:

    1. Hellen Jane Murray, born 21 Sept 1869, Huntly,
      alive in 1881 census.

    2. Agnes Murray, born 1875, Dyce, Aberdeen,
      alive in 1881 census.

    3. Eliza M. Murray, born Aug 1880, Dyce, Aberdeen,
      listed as age 8 months in Apr 1881 census.

Baptism of Sarah Murray, 5 June 1828, Alford.
See full size.

Peter Murray and family in 1841 census.
See full size.

Peter Murray and family in 1851 census.
See full size.

Agnes Jeffrey (born 1798-1801, died 1868) was the model for the woman on the LHS of this painting.
This is "Collecting the Offering in a Scottish Kirk" (and various other names) by John Phillip (1855).
Agnes is in widow's clothes but this is artistic licence. She was never a widow.


Peter Murray grave

Grave of Peter Murray (bapt 1798, died 1884) and Agnes Jeffrey.
In the old Kirkyard of Alford, Aberdeenshire.
Grave no. 217 in [Alford grave inscriptions].
Location of grave: Go in gate. Grave is on RHS of building, close to building.

Grave of Peter Murray, Alford.
Photo 2008. See larger and full size.
See other shot.

Grave of Peter Murray (background) and grave of his grandson Charles Murray the poet (foreground).
Photo 2008. See larger and full size.

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