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Our common ancestors - Neville - Contents

Edward Neville, 7th Baron Abergavenny

Catherine Vaux, c.1617.
By Paulus I van Somer.
Used with the kind permission of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

Edward Neville, 7th Baron Abergavenny (see here and here),
mar 1stly to Katharine Brome [daughter of Sir John Brome and Margaret Rowse],
mar 2ndly to Grisold Hughes [daughter of Thomas Hughes and Elizabeth Dwnn],
died 10 February 1589 [using [NJ] format, at the time regarded as the end of 1588],
had issue apparently by 1st wife:

Edward Neville, 8th Baron Abergavenny (see here),
mar Rachael Lennard [daughter of John Lennard and Elizabeth Harman],
died 1 December 1622 at his house, Great St. Bartholomew's, London,
bur at Birling, Kent,
had issue:

Henry Neville, 9th Baron Abergavenny (and here and here),
mar 2ndly to Catherine Vaux [born est temp 1590, descendant of Edward III],
he died 1641,
bur 24 December 1641 at Birling, Kent,
had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. George Neville, 11th Baron Abergavenny (and here), born est c.1620,
    mar Mary Gifford [descendant of Louis IV, King of France and of Charlemagne and of Edward the Elder],
    he died 2 June 1666, age est c.46 yrs,
    bur at Birling, Kent,
    Mary re-married to Sir Charles Shelley, 2nd Baronet,
    11th Baron and Mary had issue:

    1. Winifred Neville, or Bridget,
      born est c.1660,
      NOT bapt 1687 (rather, she was bur 1687),
      mar her step-brother (no blood relation) Sir John Shelley, 3rd Baronet and had issue.

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