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My wife's ancestors - Noltie - Contents

John Noltie

John Noltie,
born 14 Nov 1862, Dresden, N of Chatham, Ontario, Canada.
At home in Chatham, Ontario, in 1881 census. He is farmer.
Settled in USA in 1884 [1900 census].
At marriage he is living Osnabrock, North Dakota, USA. He is "farmer".
He mar 12 Feb 1890, Baptist church, Chatham, Ontario, to Annie Badder [Annie Adelaide Badder, born July 1863].
She was a neighbour of his parents at Chatham, Ontario.
She was born Dresden [mar cert]. One source said born Wabash (just E of Dresden, see map).
She was dau of Joseph Badder and Charlotte Orr.
See mar cert. It was a double wedding. Her brother married on the same day.

They lived in North Dakota, USA, from marriage 1890 to at least 1900.
They are listed in Osnabrock, North Dakota, in 1900 census. He is "farmer".
Returned to Canada in 1900-1911.
They are listed in Chatham, Ontario, in 1911 Canada census.
John died 14 Jan 1935, Chatham, Ontario, age 72 yrs. See death cert. He is "farmer".
Funeral 15 Jan, bur Arnold Cemetery, Chatham. See map and street view of entrance.
Annie died 1945, Chatham, age 82 yrs, bur Arnold Cemetery.
They had issue:

  1. John Henry Noltie,
    born Apr 1894, North Dakota, USA, NOT 1903.
    "Henry" in 1900 and 1911 census.
    He mar 9 Sept 1922, Dawn Mills, Ontario, to Thrisena Violet Rose Coulter.
    He died 12 July 1971, Dayton, Ohio.
    He was bur Arnold Cemetery, Chatham, Ontario.

  2. Charles Noltie,
    Charles Warren Noltie,
    born March or May 1897, North Dakota, USA.
    He is listed as "policeman" at marriage.
    He mar 24 May 1922, London, Ontario, Canada, to Violet Mary Estella Perry.
    She was born 9 July 1895, Metcalfe, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada (beside Strathroy, W side of London).
    She was dau of Peter Rogers Perry and Mary Rowe.
    They married in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. See mar cert.

    He died 1973, London, Ontario, age 76 yrs.
    She died 1994, London, Ontario, age 99 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Gloria Elaine Noltie,
      born 1924.

    2. Charles Noltie,
      born 1930,
      mar Shirley Peel,
      had issue:

      1. Douglas Noltie.
        Researching family tree.

  3. 1 other child, Noltie,
    died young before June 1900 census.

  4. Eunice Noltie,
    born Nov 1900.
    She mar 20 Sept 1924, Chatham, to William Hunter.
    She died 14 Oct 1988, Kent East, Ontario, NOT 1991.


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