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(Left) James Ure. See full size.
(Right) Janet Noltie. See full size.
Photos from Kirstine Holmes.

William Ure,
mar Catherine Dawson,
census of (30th Mar) 1851 has them in 82 Byres St, Kilwinning, NW of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire,
"Iron Founder, Master",
founded the Ure Iron Foundry in Ayr, Ayrshire, SW Scotland,
he had died, she was living, at time of son's mar 1884,
had issue:

James Ure,
James Dawson Ure, born 18th Apr 1849, Kilwinning, Ayrshire.
Lived in Ayr, Ayrshire.
Census of 1871 has him in 113 Green St, Ayr.
Census of 1881 has him in 86 Green St, Ayr.
He owned the Ure Iron Foundry in Ayr started by his father.
Listed as "Iron Founder, Master" at mar 1884, living Green St, "Newton-on-Ayr".
He mar 1884 to Janet Noltie [born 26th May 1862].
3 of their sons die in WWI, 1916-18:
The 3 youngest of their 4 sons were killed in WWI.
They are listed as living 6 Hazelwood Rd (poss. "Hazlewood"), Ayr, as at death of Henry, May 1916.
They are listed as living 63 Prestwick Rd, Ayr, as at death of James Mitchell, Aug 1916.
They are listed as living 6 Hazelwood Rd, Ayr, as at death of Thomas, May 1918.
"My grandmother .. never fully recovered from the loss of three of her sons in the 1st World War" [Kirstine Holmes].

Janet died 9th Jan 1923, 6 Hazelwood Rd, Ayr, age 60 yrs, of "anaemia, neuralgia" [GRO.Scot].
She was bur Ayr Cemetery, Section K Lair nos. 3959 and 3960.
James died 22nd Dec 1923, 63 Prestwick Rd, Ayr, age 74 yrs [GRO.Scot],
bur with his wife in Ayr Cemetery.
James and Janet had issue:

  1. Sarah Ure,
    Sarah Noltie Ure, born 28th July 1885, Ayr,
    after 1923 went (ultimately) to Australia with sister,
    must have gone to live with sister at Toowoomba,
    died 30th June 1975, Toowoomba, Queensland, age 89 yrs.

  2. William Ure,
    Willie, born 30th July 1888, Ayr,
    mar 1915, Rugby, Warwickshire, (todo) see [GRO.UK] 4th qr, to Violet Patchett,
    reported his father's death 1923 [GRO.Scot], then living at 10 St.Ronan's Ave, Southsea (suburb of Portsmouth),
    he died 1978, Havant (nr Portsmouth), age 90 yrs, (todo) see [GRO.UK] 3rd qr,
    she died c.1980, Havant.

  3. James Ure,
    James Mitchell Ure, born 29th Jan 1891, Ayr,
    killed in WWI.
    He was 2nd Lieutenant, 8th Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers.
    He died of wounds in France, Wed 16th Aug 1916, age 25 yrs.
    He was bur 17th Aug 1916, Heilly Station Cemetery, near village of Mericourt-l'Abbe, between Amiens and Albert, Somme, NE France, grave II. F. 14.
    See his record at [CWGC].

  4. Henry Ure, born 29th Sept 1893, Ayr,
    killed in WWI.
    He was engine fitter in Royal Navy.
    Engine Room Artificer 4th Class, on H.M.S. "Earl of Peterborough".
    He drowned Mon 15th May 1916, age 22 yrs, Port Iero, Mytilene, E coast of Greek island of Lesbos (see map). This was not far from Smyrna in Turkey. Turkey was on the German side.
    Unpublished letters of George Wood (who also served on the Earl of Peterborough) say Henry apparently drowned while swimming near the ship. The letters say he was a bad swimmer, and according to the surgeon he died from a heart failure and not by drowning.
    His body was recovered 5 days later and was given a burial at sea.
    He is listed on the Chatham Naval Memorial, Chatham, Kent, ref. 17.
    See his record at [CWGC].

  5. Thomas Ure, born 22nd Apr 1897, Ayr,
    killed in WWI.
    Serjeant, "A" Company, 2nd Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers.
    He died Mon 27th May 1918, France, age 21 yrs.
    He was bur 28th May 1918, Le Grand Hasard Military Cemetery, village of Morbecque (or Morebecque), Nord, NE France, Plot 3. Row B. Grave 2.
    See his record at [CWGC].

  6. Catherine Ure,
    Catherine Dawson Ure, born 9th May 1899, 5 Randolph Terrace, "Newton on Ayr", Ayr,
    bapt 2nd June, Ayr,
    parents died 1923, William married in England, other brothers dead,
    she and Sarah left Scotland, travelled to America where they had relatives (think these are Murray relatives), spent some time in Washington, then went to New Zealand, finally Australia,
    she is listed as "domestic science teacher" at marriage,
    mar 10th Apr 1934, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, to Thomas Hacker [Thomas Chaston Hacker, born 18th May 1889, Yeppoon, Queensland, son of Frederick Hacker and Maria Chaston, educ Cloncurry School],
    he was a "grazier" (cattle farmer),
    they lived Roma, Queensland, at least temp 1940 to 1945,
    living Toowoomba, Queensland, from at least 1950,
    he died 1st Aug 1972, St.Vincents Hospital, Toowoomba, Queensland, age 83 yrs, cremated 2nd Aug,
    she was prob. still in Toowoomba as at 1975 - her sister died there,
    later she must have gone to live at Southport,
    she died 11th July 1985, Golden Age Retirement Home, Southport, Queensland, age 86 yrs, cremated 15th July,
    had issue:

    1. Janet Hacker,
      mar 1stly to David MacPhail and had issue:
      1. Julie Catherine MacPhail.
      2. Steven MacPhail, mar Sanae Yabe and had issue:
        1. Kate Midori MacPhail.
        2. Kaori Emma MacPhail.
      3. Sally Margaret MacPhail.
      4. Kylie Elizabeth MacPhail.
      mar 2ndly to Douglas Howell.

    2. Kirstine Hacker,
      researched family tree,
      mar Harold Holmes and had issue:
      1. Susan Karen Holmes.
      2. Peter Holmes, mar Jenny Wang and had issue:
        1. Daniel Holmes.
        2. Andrew Holmes.
        3. Luke Holmes.
      3. Scott Michael Holmes.

Janet Noltie.
See full size.

Sarah Ure. See full size.
Photo from Kirstine Holmes.

(Left to Right): James, William, Henry, as children.
Photo from Kirstine Holmes.

Thomas and Catherine as children.
(Left) See full size.
(Right) See full size.
Photos from Kirstine Holmes.

James Ure (who died in WWI).
See full size.

(Left) James Ure in the army, WWI. See full size.
(Right) Henry Ure in the navy, WWI. See full size.
Photos from Kirstine Holmes.

Catherine Ure.
Photo from Kirstine Holmes.

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