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Henry Noltie

Henry Noltie (born 1824).
Must be c.1860s.
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Henry Noltie, born 20th Apr 1824, Alford.
Census of 7th June 1841 has him at home in East Gallowhill.
Census of 30th Mar 1851 has him at home in Gallowhill.
Census of 8th Apr 1861 has him at home in Gallowhill.
He mar 27th June 1861, Alford, to Sarah Murray [born 29th May 1828].
Census of 1881 has them in Gallowhill.
Census of 1891 has them in Alford.
Listed as farmer of 120 acres in census.
Listed as "farmer, Gallowhill" on grave.

He died 9 Aug 1892, East Gallowhill, age 68 yrs [GRO.Scot].
He was bur 13 Aug 1892 with his parents in Alford churchyard.
His estate was £ 847.
Sarah died 4 Aug 1894, Gallowhill, age 66 yrs [GRO.Scot].
Funeral 9 Aug 1894, bur with husband and his parents in Alford churchyard.
The family left East Gallowhill soon after.
Henry and Sarah had issue:

  1. Janet Noltie, born 26th May 1862, Gallowhill,
    same name as her grandmother and her aunt who had died young,
    census of (4th Apr) 1881 has her at home in Gallowhill, age 18,
    her listed as "Assistant Certificated Teacher" at mar, living East Gallowhill,
    mar 23rd July 1884, St.Andrew's Scottish Episcopal Church, Alford [GRO.Scot] to James Ure and had issue.

  2. Mary Ann Noltie, born 29th Mar 1864, Alford, same name as her aunt,
    census of 1881 has her at home in Gallowhill, age 17,
    wit her sister Janet's mar 1884,
    census of 1891 has her at home in Alford, age 27,
    living Gallowhill at mar,
    mar 7th July 1892, Alford, to Alexander Fowlie and had issue.

  3. Hugh Noltie,
    born 7th Sept 1866, Alford.

  4. Agnes Noltie [Agnes Isabella], born 15th Mar 1869, Alford,
    census of (5th Apr) 1891 shows her still at home in Alford, age 22,
    living Airlie, Keig, at mar 1896 (where her brother Hugh lived, parents dead),
    mar 4th Dec 1896, Airlie, Keig, to James Donald [born 18th Sept 1858, Skene, Aberdeenshire, son of Andrew Donald and Isabel Roger; census of 4th Apr 1881 has him in Lower Kingseat, New Machar, Aberdeenshire, age 22],
    he died 10th Feb 1907, age 48 yrs,
    she died 8th Apr 1932, "Meavaig Currie", Scotland (unidentified, poss. Currie, Edinburgh), age 63 yrs, of "myocarditis, chronic rheumatism" [GRO.Scot],
    had issue:

    1. Agnes Donald [Agnes Isabella], born 11th Mar 1898, Alford,
      reported her mother's death 1932 [GRO.Scot],
      mar 12th Aug 1936, St.Andrews, Edinburgh, to Thomas Main.

    2. James Henry Donald, born 17th Sept 1899, Alford,
      died 23rd Sept 1932, age 33 yrs.

    3. Sarah Noltie Donald, born 1901, Alford,
      mar 3rd Sept 1930, Shanghai, to James Anderson Stoddart.

  5. Henry Noltie,
    born 8th Oct 1872, Alford.

Sarah Murray.
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Henry Noltie (born 1824).
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Agnes Noltie (born 1869).
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