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John O'Callaghan, of Melbourne, Australia


Grave of John O'Callaghan, Melbourne.
See full size. See wider shot and wider shot. From billiongraves.
See other shot. From findagrave.

John O'Callaghan,
born 5 January 1887, Co.Kerry.
See entry in tree by Emma O'Callaghan.
At home in Ballynabrennagh in 1901 census.
Listed as brother-in-law of Michael O'Callaghan at his funeral 1907.
Alive in 1911 but not at home for census.
He emigrated to Australia before 1914.
He was said to have inherited the O'Callaghan farm at Cloghers, S side of Tralee, and sold it. But it seems this is not true, since his brother Denis was living Cloghers at death 1923.

He mar 25 July 1914, Clifton Hill, Melbourne, to Mary Clohesy [born 1891, Co.Clare].
She is probably Mary Clohessy, born 24 July 1891, Caherfeenick, Kilmacduane par, Co.Clare, dau of John Clohessy, farmer, and Mary O'Donnell.

They lived Melbourne.
She died 16 Dec 1940, Newport, Melbourne, age 49 yrs.
She was bur 16 Dec 1940, Williamstown Cemetery, Melbourne. See billiongraves and findagrave.
He died 19 Sept 1944, Williamstown, Melbourne, age 57 yrs.
He was bur 20 Sept 1944, Williamstown Cemetery.
They had issue:

  1. Jack O'Callaghan.
    John, born 1915.
    Served in AIF in WW2. Service number VX 109608.
    He drowned 13 Mar 1945, age 30 yrs.
    Written on parents grave. Not sure if body buried in this grave.

  2. Dennis O'Callaghan,
    Dinny, born 1916.
    His parents' grave lists Dennis O'Callaghan, died 30 Sept 1960.
    And it also lists Dennis O'Callaghan, service number VX 584317 LAE, Marine Food Supply, drowned in South Australia. Not sure if body buried in this grave.

  3. Eileen O'Callaghan, born 1919.
  4. Joe O'Callaghan, Joseph, born 1922.
  5. Michael O'Callaghan, born 1925.
  6. Noreen O'Callaghan, born 1927.
  7. James O'Callaghan, born 1930.

  8. Daniel O'Callaghan,
    Danny, born 1935,
    mar Elaine Walters,
    had issue:

    1. Dennis John O'Callaghan,
      had issue:

      1. Emma O'Callaghan.
        DNA match to me.

  9. Matthew O'Callaghan.

Mary Clohesy (born 1891).
Posted here.

Mary Clohesy (born 1891).
Posted here.

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