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John O'Callaghan, of Ballynabrennagh

Callaghan listed as holding land in Ballynabrennagh Upper in [Griffiths Valuation, 1853, p.198].
John Callaghan junior (must be our John) holds 64 acres.
John Callaghan (must be this John) holds 74 acres.
They are both renting from Rev. Arthur Blennerhassett Rowan.
See larger, showing no Callaghans in Ballynabrennagh Lower.

John O'Callaghan,
or John Callaghan,
bapt 28 June 1827.
He was farmer, of Ballynabrennagh Upper, Ratass par, NE of Tralee, Co.Kerry.

He mar pre-1852 to Nora Carmody [Honora, born 1831].
Listed at Ballynabrennagh in the children's births and baptisms 1852 to 1866 (varies in spelling, but clearly Ballynabrennagh).
He must be "John Callaghan junior" listed as holding 64 acres at Ballynabrennagh Upper in [Griffiths Valuation, 1853].
"Junior" not because he is son of John, but because there is an older John also in Ballynabrennagh.

Birth cert of John's dau in 1866 says John is illiterate.
The family had another farm at Cloghers, Annagh par, S side of Tralee.
Their son Denis at marriage 1882 is listed as of Cloghers.
Denis eventually moved to Ballynabrennagh, and John moved to Cloghers.
Denis is at Ballynabrennagh from 1885 on.
John's dau Mary at marriage 1887 is listed as of Cloghers.
His dau Ellen at marriage 1888 is listed as of Cloghers.
John and Nora are listed in 1901 census at Cloghers. He is farmer. Both are illiterate. Both speak Irish and English.

John dies, 1903:
John died 21 Mar 1903, Cloghers, age 75 yrs.
See death cert from here.
He was bur Rath Old cemetery, Tralee.

Nora dies, 1909:
She is described as of Cloghers on grave and in funeral report.
She died 25 Feb 1909, High St, Tralee (her dau Mary's house) [GROI], age 78 yrs.
See death cert. Listed as widow of farmer. Death registered by her son Jeremiah of Cloghers. Age given as 64 (far too young).
Funeral Sat 27 Feb 1909, bur Rath Old cemetery, Tralee.
See funeral report in Kerry Evening Star, March 1, 1909, p.2. This confirms she is mother-in-law of William Stack.
Their son Denis is in Ballynabrennagh Upper in 1911 census.
John and Nora had issue:

  1. Denis O'Callaghan,
    born Co.Kerry,
    bapt 2 April 1852 [Tralee RC par records].
    Would be after grandfather.

  2. Seamus O'Callaghan,
    James, Jim,
    bapt James, 9 July 1853 [Tralee RC par records], sp Michael O'Callaghan and Mary O'Callaghan.
    He must be "James Callaghan" who sp bapt of John O'Callaghan in Tralee in 1887.
    He would be "James O'Callaghan" who sp bapt of Mary Stack in Dublin in 1901.
    He lived Cloghers, S side of Tralee, with his brother.
    Jeremiah and James O'Callaghan of "Clogher" are listed as "uncles-in-law" of Michael O'Callaghan at his funeral 1907.
    Listed at Cloghers at mother's funeral 1909. He is married and wife is there.

  3. Jeremiah O'Callaghan,
    or Jeremiah Callaghan,
    born Co.Kerry,
    bapt 10 November 1855 [Tralee RC par records].
    Jeremiah Callaghan sp bapt of Margaret Galvin 1889.
    "Jeremiah Callaghan" and "Joanna Callaghan" sp bapt of Denis 1895.
    Jeremiah Callaghan sp bapt of Bridget Galvin 1897.
    He wit his brother John's mar 1905.
    He lived Cloghers, S side of Tralee, with his brother.
    Jeremiah and James O'Callaghan of "Clogher" are listed as "uncles-in-law" of Michael O'Callaghan at his funeral 1907.
    He is prob. Jeremiah O'Callaghan who wit the marriage of his niece Ellen Galvin in Dublin in 1908.
    He is "Jeremiah Callaghan" of Cloghers who registered his mother's death 1909.
    Listed at Cloghers at mother's funeral 1909. No wife listed.
    He mar 1909 to Ellen ---- [born 1881, Co.Kerry].
    They are listed at Cloghers in [Census, 1911]. He and wife are farmers.
    He died 10 July 1939 [grave], think not 1933, age 83 yrs, though grave says age 75 yrs.
    He was bur with parents in Rath Old cemetery, Tralee.

    In 1911 census, they have a niece Mary Patrick Dowling [born 1900, Co.Kerry] living with them. She might be niece of his wife.

  4. Ellen O'Callaghan,
    born 13 November 1857, Co.Kerry,
    bapt Helen, 28 November 1857 [Tralee RC par records].
    Would be after grandmother.
    She mar 14 February 1888, Tralee RC church, to Thomas Galvin and had issue.
    See mar cert from [GROI]. From here. Wit Patrick Collins and Jeremiah Nolan.

  5. Mary O'Callaghan,
    born 5 September 1859,
    bapt 11 September 1859 [Tralee RC par records].
    She mar 6 November 1887, Tralee RC church, to Richard Gearen [born 1858, son of Richard Gearen, shopkeeper].
    At mar he is listed as cooper, High St, Tralee.
    See mar cert from [GROI]. From here. Wit Patrick Collins and Cornelius Brosnan.
    Mrs. Gearen, High St, Tralee, listed as dau of Nora at funeral 1909.

  6. John O'Callaghan,
    born 4 April 1862, Co.Kerry,
    bapt 12 April 1862 [Tralee RC par records].
    "Uncle John" [family missal].

  7. Honora O'Callaghan, born 21 June 1864,
    bapt 3 July 1864 [Tralee RC par records],
    mar pre-1890 to --- Mullins,
    child born in America in 1890, but came back,
    "Norah Mullins" sp bapt of Nora Stack 1903,
    "Mrs. Mullen, Dublin" listed as dau at Nora's funeral 1909,
    had issue:

    1. John Mullins,
      John J. Mullins,
      born 1890, America,
      listed as staying with uncle John in Tralee in 1901 census,
      listed as grandson of Nora at funeral 1909.

    2. Mary Mullins, listed as grand-dau of Nora at funeral 1909.

  8. Catherine O'Callaghan,
    "Catherine" in almost all records (birth, baptism, marriage, censuses, children's baptisms, children's deaths, grave),
    "Kathleen" at children's births 1898 and 1903,
    "Kate" at dau's birth 1901,
    remembered as "Cathy" by her brother Denis' branch,
    born Sat 5 May 1866, Ballynabrennagh, near Tralee, Co.Kerry.
    See birth cert from here.
    She was bapt Sun 13 May 1866 [Tralee RC par records].
    At mar 1896 she is living Castle Street, Tralee (must be her brother John's house).
    She mar 3 Aug 1896 to William Stack [bapt 2 Apr 1871] and had issue.
    They mar at RC church, Tralee, Co.Kerry [GROI]. Her age 30. Him age 25.


John and Nora are listed as illiterate in 1901 census.

Grave of John O'Callaghan (died 1903).
Rath Old cemetery, Tralee.
Photo 2015. See full size.


Catherine O'Callaghan


Birth cert of Catherine O'Callaghan, born 5 May 1866.

Baptism of Catherine O'Callaghan, 13 May 1866, [Tralee RC par records].

Catherine O'Callaghan.
See larger and full size.
See other shot.

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