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Cashel Bay

Cashel, Moyrus par (nr Roundstone), Connemara, W Co.Galway. See Google Maps.
Location of Cashel House.

Cashel Bay.
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From Google Street View.

Cashel Bay. Photo 2008.
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From Martin Dobey. See terms of use.

Cashel Hill from the S.
Photo 2009. See full size.
From Google Street View.
See another good view.

James O'Mara swimming, having forgotten to take his hat off.
Almost certainly at Cashel or nearby, c.1940.

Cashel church

See Google street view.

Cashel church.
Photo 2007 from here.

In Cashel church, stained glass window dedicated to the O'Maras.
It shows the story of fishermen pulling in nets full of fish (Luke 5).
Photo 2006, courtesy of Richard Humphreys.

Detail of window, showing dedication to James O'Mara (died 1948) and his family.
Stained glass window erected in 1955.
Photo 2006, courtesy of Richard Humphreys.

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