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Cashel House

On Cashel Bay, Cashel, Moyrus par (near Roundstone), Connemara, W Co.Galway. See Google Maps.
The house is at the base of Cashel Hill.

Cashel House, c.1930.

Cashel House on Cashel Bay was built 1850 (or poss. 1840).

It was bought by leading Sinn Fein politician James O'Mara as a summer home, Aug 1919.
James had noticed it earlier while living at Barfield near Galway city. A photo of it exists in the family 1918 but they were not living there yet.
James liked it partly because his wife's name was Cashel (no connection).

James O'Mara went to the US in Oct 1919, was there until 1921.
His wife's sister, the Sinn Fein activist Alice Cashel stayed with James' wife and children at Cashel House 1919-21.
Alice Cashel attracted the suspicion of the authorities and Cashel House was raided by the British in April 1920. Alice Cashel was arrested.
Cashel House was raided a few more times in 1920.
The Conacher twins died there 1922.

Dick Humphreys courted James' daughter Eithne O'Mara there (they married 1929).
The house had beautiful gardens, tennis and croquet lawns, and its own boathouse and private harbour for boating on Cashel Bay (deep sea fishing, cultivation of oysters).
James O'Mara died 1948.
His family sold the house 1952 (or poss. 1951).
There is a leaflet (and p.2) putting the house up for sale, price £15,000 (about £1m in today's money), but directing queries to James O'Mara at The Grove, Killiney. Perhaps he was organising the sale before he died, but it didn't go through?

Cashel House was purchased by the Browne-Claytons 1952, who entertained Harold Macmillan (Prime Minister 1957-63) there.
See BROWNE-CLAYTON in [Burkes Irish, 1976].

Cashel House was purchased by Dermot and Kay McEvilly, 1967.
They opened it as the luxury "Cashel House Hotel" 1968.
The French wartime leader Charles de Gaulle and his wife spent holiday there, May 1969 (just before he died).
The McEvillys still run it as "Cashel House Hotel" today.
They have added a tasteful extension at back.

Entrance to Cashel House.
Click to rotate.
From Google Street View.

Cashel House on 1887 to 1913 map.

Cashel House before the extensions.
Painting on display at Cashel House Hotel. Photo 2012.
See larger and full size.
See other shot and other shot.

Cashel House, c.1920.
Kat Riordan (left) and her niece Eithne O'Mara.

Cashel House, (stuck in album) 1922.

Cashel House, the gardens, think c.1922.

Cashel House, Aug 1924.
Eileen and Una.
See larger and full size and other shot.

Cashel House, 1927.

Cashel House, prob. c.1930.

Cashel House.
See larger and original.

Cashel House.
See larger and original.

Cashel House, c.1940.

Cashel House, think c.1947.

Cashel House, think c.1947.

Cashel House for sale, leaflet, think c.1948.
See alternative and full size and original.
And p.2 of leaflet.

Cashel House, c.1965-66.

Plaque commemorating the de Gaulle visit of 1969, Cashel House.
From Cashel House Hotel. Used with permission.

Sign to the "De Gaulle seat", Cashel House.
From Cashel House Hotel. Used with permission.

Cashel House, c.1970s.
See larger and original.

Painting of Cashel House.
On display at Cashel House Hotel. Photo 2012.
See larger and full size.
See 2016 photo.

Cashel House today

Cashel Bay

Cashel Bay (movies)

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