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River View, Ennis, on 1887 to 1913 map.
The house is now gone.
The site is now Ennis Community College secondary school (see street view).

John Francis Counihan, doctor,
of Kilrush, Co.Clare.
See entry in tree by Paddy Waldron.
See him listed at Kilrush in 1901 census.
See him listed at Kilrush in 1911 census.
He had issue:

Dr. Harry Counihan, doctor,
Jerome Henry Counihan, born 27 May 1890, Kilrush [GROI].
He was educ TCD, BA.
He is "medical student" in 1911 census.
He got MB BCh BAO (also written as MB BS) from TCD in 1912.
He worked for a year at Richmond Hospital (St. Lawrence's Hospital), Dublin.
He was living Ennis, Co.Clare, at mar.
He mar 1915 to Molly O'Mara [Mary, born mid-late 1896].
GP in Ennis.
[Thom's, 1919] lists him at Ennis.
Obituary notes that he delivered his own children in his own home.
"The Weekly Irish Times" of 12 Jan 1924 reported that Dr. J.H. Counihan, Ennis, had been appointed coroner for North County Clare.
Lived in River View, Ennis.
"Dr. J.H. Counihan" is listed in charge of the Fever Hospital, County Home, Ennis, in [Thom's, 1945].
Molly died 17 Sept 1968, age 72 yrs.
She was bur Drumcliff Cemetery, Ennis, Co.Clare.
Harry died 19 June 1978, St. John of God home, Ennis, age 88 yrs.
He was bur Drumcliff Cemetery.
(todo) See obituary in Clare Champion, 23 June 1978.
See obituary in British Medical Journal, 5 August 1978, pp.439-440.
He did Counihan family tree. He may have looked at O'Mara family tree. (todo) Any papers survive?
Dr. Harry and Molly had issue:

  1. Fr. John Counihan.

  2. Dr. Harry Counihan, mar Eileen Gonty and had issue:
    1. Michael Counihan.
    2. Mary Counihan.
    3. Catherine Counihan.
    4. Claire Counihan, mar John McGann and had issue:
      1. Matthew McGann.
      2. Martha McGann.
      3. James McGann.
    5. Joan Counihan, mar Tony Bailes and had issue:
      1. Neil Bailes.
      2. Tom Bailes.
      3. John Bailes.
      4. Joe Bailes.
    6. Jane Counihan, mar David McKinney and had issue:
      1. Conor McKinney.
      2. Rachel McKinney.
      3. Alice McKinney.
    7. Henry Counihan, mar Ann O'Shaughnessy.
    8. Eileen Counihan, mar Danny Kelly and had issue:
      1. Roger Kelly.
      2. Georgia Kelly.
      3. Rosie Kelly.

  3. Randal Counihan.
  4. Mary Counihan.

  5. Dr. Frank Counihan, mar Mimi Kerrigan and had issue:
    1. Caroline Counihan, mar --- Bennett and had issue:
      1. Ellen Bennett.
      2. Rauna Bennett.
    2. Francesca Counihan, mar Michael Ward and had issue:
      1. Miriam Ward.
      2. Mark Ward.
    3. Rachel Counihan, mar Christopher Day and had issue:
      1. Macdara Day.
      2. Eoin Day.
      3. Afrie Day.
    4. Helen Counihan.
    5. Eve Counihan.

  6. Jane Colette Counihan, born Mar 1926,
    died 13th Jan 1927, aged 10 months,
    bur Drumcliff Cemetery, Ennis, Co.Clare.

  7. Roger Counihan.
  8. Honor Counihan.
  9. Ruth Counihan.

Counihan grave, Drumcliff Cemetery, Ennis, Co.Clare.
Photo 2008. From Clare County Library.

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