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Fr. Joey O'Mara

Fr. Joey O'Mara. From his mass card.
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From Fr. Joey O'Mara papers.

Fr. Joey O'Mara,
Joseph, born 4 March 1906.
He was educ Stonyhurst in 1916-17.
He was educ Belvedere in 1917-22.
Jesuit priest.
Entered St Stanislaus College, Tullabeg, Co. Offaly, 14 August 1924.
He studied at Louvain.
Ordained 24 August 1935 at Louvain.
He celebrated the mass for his mother's funeral, Sept 1935. He is "Rev. Joseph O'Mara, S.J., Louvain".
He was in Hong Kong 1938 to 1946.
Professed 15 August 1941 at Hong Kong.
Later in Milltown Park, Co.Dublin.
He died 11 February 1977, St.Vincent's Hospital, Dublin. NOT 1980.
He was bur 12 Feb 1977 in the Jesuit plot of Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.

Fr. Joey O'Mara.
See larger and full size.
From Fr. Joey O'Mara papers.

Grave of Fr. Joey O'Mara, Jesuit plot of Glasnevin Cemetery.
See larger.
Still from 15:18 in video: "A real Jesuit plot".

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