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(Left) Noreen O'Sullivan.
(Right) Noreen, in France with the O'Maras, Easter 1927. Her age 19, before marriage.

John Hilliard,
NOT Hillard,
born 1857, Co.Kerry, Church of Ireland.
Hilliards had been in Killarney since mid-19th century.
In 1897 they purchased Castlelough House, on Lough Leane, S of Killarney, Co.Kerry.
The Hilliards opened Castlelough House as The Lake Hotel.
See entry in 1911 census. John is listed as hotel manager, draper, etc.
He had issue:

Robin Hilliard.
Robert Patrick, born 25 Feb 1906, Castlelough House (Lake Hotel), Killarney.
Church of Ireland.
He ran his family's firm, "R. Hilliard and Sons Ltd" (refers to a previous generation). The biggest shop in Killarney. Sold drapery, Waterford glass, furniture, carpets.
He mar 18 Oct 1934 to Noreen O'Sullivan [born 22 Jan 1908].
The Hilliard family lived in Castlelough House.
They sold Castlelough House 1940.
Noreen died 17 Jan 1973, Cork, age 64 yrs.
She was bur Aghadoe, Killarney.
Robin retired.
He fl 2000.
Robin and Noreen had issue:

  1. Billy Hilliard,
    researched family tree,
    mar Marlyn Donegan and had issue:

    1. Robin Hilliard, had issue:
      1. Daria Klyaritskaya Hilliard.

    2. Melanie Hilliard,
      mar 1stly to Helmut Rondthaler and had issue:
      1. Maelisa Rondthaler.
      2. Aimee Rondthaler.
      3. Arianne Rondthaler.
      mar 2ndly to Martin Deegan.

    3. Nicholas Hilliard, mar Sophia Millington-Ward and had issue:
      1. Zoe Hilliard.
      2. Roanna Hilliard.
    4. Leonie Hilliard.

  2. Rose Hilliard,
    mar Michael Cunningham and had issue:

    1. June Cunningham, mar Ian Bowell and had issue:
      1. Julie Rose Bowell.
      2. Ross Bowell.

    2. Lisa Cunningham.
    3. Robin Cunningham, mar Clodagh Bannigan.
    4. Michael Cunningham, mar Terry Moore.
    5. Peter Cunningham, mar Ciara Foley and had issue:
      1. Oliver Cunningham.

Castlelough House (The Lake Hotel), Killarney

Castlelough House, on Lough Leane, S of Killarney, Co.Kerry.
This is a 19th century house, possibly incorporating an older house of c.1700.
This became The Lake Hotel.
Still The Lake Hotel today.

In the grounds at the edge of the lake is Castle Lough castle. This is a ruined medieval MacCarthy Mor castle.
See [Houses of Kerry].

360 view of the hotel. From here.
Turn around to see the path out to the castle.
See also 360 view at the ruined castle.

Castlelough House and the ruined Castle Lough, Lower Lake, Killarney, on 1829 to 1842 map.

Castlelough House (now the Lake Hotel), Killarney, on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view.

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