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Michael O'Mara

Michael O'Mara.

Michael O'Mara,
Mike, born 27 Dec 1918, Toronto, Canada.
Living in US as at 1950, when his father died in Ireland.
Listed at marriage 1951 as working for Reuter's Agency in Paris.

He mar 1stly, Dec 1951, St.Joseph's church, Glasthule, Co.Dublin, to Brighde Corcoran [born 24 Oct 1923, Tramore, Co.Waterford].
Her birth cert says "Bridget Mary" and is later corrected to "Bríghde Máire". Possibly also Brigid. Signs "Bridget" in passport.
She was dau of John Corcoran [officer of Customs and Excise] and Catherine Armitage.
Her family moved to 38 Castlepark Rd, Sandycove, Co.Dublin.
In [Thom's, 1943, p.1313] and [Thom's, 1945, p.1335] John Corcoran is living 38 Castlepark Rd, Sandycove. This is the address that went on Brighde's mass card.
See Brighde's passport issued 1950, front and personal details and issue date and child page.
See wedding item in Irish Independent, December 31, 1951.

Michael and Brighde lived Paris.
Brighde died 21 Feb 1957, Paris, age 33 yrs.

Michael mar 2ndly, 1957-66, Paris, to Pat Jones [Mary Patricia Jones, British].
See his passport issued 1959 at London, front and personal details and issue date and stamps (1959-1962). He is a "journalist", living in France.
He was living Geneva, Switzerland, at death.
He died 1 July 1982, Geneva. See death cert.
He had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Rory O'Mara (later Rory Corcoran),
    had issue:

    1. Felix Corcoran Bond.

Baronetcy story: Stephen O'Mara was apparently offered a baronetcy if he would support conscription in 1918, and he refused.
If he had accepted, he would have been the 1st Baronet.
James would have been the 2nd Baronet.
Steen would have been the 3rd Baronet.
Michael would have been the 4th Baronet.
Rory would have been the 5th Baronet.
Felix would be the 6th Baronet.

John Corcoran listed at 38 Castlepark Rd, Sandycove, in [Thom's, 1943, p.1313].
From here.

Wedding of Michael O'Mara and Brighde Corcoran, 1951.
See full size.

Wedding of Michael O'Mara and Brighde Corcoran.
This must be her parents.
See full size.

Brighde in her 1950 passport.
See full size.

Mass card of Brighde Corcoran at her death in 1957.

Mike in his 1959 passport.
See full size.

Pat Jones.

Unknown group, maybe c.1960.
Think Mike and Pat on RHS.
See full size.

Mike and Pat, 1966.

Unknown group.
Think this is Mike in centre.

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