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The song "Darling Michael"

Aideen O'Rahilly composed a song about The O'Rahilly in 2014.
Her daughter Niamh Dunne composed the melody and sings it.
The song is in the voice of The O'Rahilly's wife, Nancy Brown, mourning his loss in 1916.
The song came 2nd in the 2014 Sean McCarthy Memorial Ballad competition.
See a video made by Shane Serrano.

"Darling Michael" (2014).

To this your cause you must adhere
Lead Volunteers, no thought of fear
In bloodied Moore Street met your fate
While I at home did wait and wait

You chose the path, you fought and died
Left me here and I with child
Our four young sons their hero gone
You wound the clock, it's silent now

Here's to you darling Michael
Never to return
Here's to you darling Michael
Mo chroí, I'll see you no more

No more we walk on grainy sands
No more we swim in cold green sea
No more I sleep there in your arms
Alone I am 'til the twilight comes


'My Darling Nancy', you wrote in pain
Shot and dying in lonesome lane
Your final cries rang out unheard
In grief and sorrow you wrote these words

'Tons and tons of love dearie to you and all the boys'
Tons and tons of love dearie to you and all the boys
Tons and tons of love dearie to you and all the boys


The plaque at O'Rahilly Parade, featuring The O'Rahilly's note to his wife.

See The O'Rahilly and Memorials to The O'Rahilly.


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