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Daniel Durie, born Apr 22, 1852,
mar 1stly to ----,
she died 1883,
had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Jacob Lewis Durie, born May 5, 1880,
    raised by step-mother Margaret Dillon,
    mar Nettie ----,
    he died Sept 8, 1977, age 97 yrs,
    they are grandparents of:

    1. Eileen Clarke,
      researched family history.

mar 2ndly, shortly after 1883, to Margaret Dillon [born May 12, 1861],
they lived Avon, Illinois,
he died Feb 26, 1926, age 73 yrs,
she died Feb 15, 1937, age 75 yrs,
he had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Frank Durie,
    Francis Matthew, born Jan 19, 1889,
    died Aug 1904, age 15 yrs.

  2. Una Durie,
    Una Elizabeth, born Jan 5, 1892,
    mar Alex White, no issue,
    living Avon 1931,
    she died Jan 1974, age 82 yrs.

  3. Pearl Durie,
    Pearl Maria, born Mar 4, 1894,
    mar Clifford Creel Frederick [NOT "Creel Fredrick"],
    living Avon 1931,
    she died Jan 12, 1952, age 57 yrs,
    he died September 1973,
    had issue:

    1. Evelyn Frederick [Evelyn Roselthia],
      died unmarried, November 1980.

    2. Kelley Frederick [Kelley Durie Frederick, son, NOT Kelly],
      mar April 1959 to Barbara Jones [Barbara Jean Jones],
      this was her 2nd marriage, her 1st marriage was to --- Murphy,
      she died March 1995,
      he died May 2002,
      had issue:

      1. Ann Frederick, mar Russell Alan Sanders and had issue:
        1. Mariah Faye Sanders.
        2. Dylan Russell Sanders.
        3. Kali Ann Sanders.

  4. Max Daniel Durie, born Mar 20, 1898,
    died Mar 1899, age 1 yr.

  5. John Durie,
    John Thomas, born Oct 24, 1899,
    mar Bernice Snapp, no issue,
    living Avon 1931,
    he died Sept 28, 1972, age 72 yrs.

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