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Bridget's address given in 1881 letter as Coastguard station, Cashen River, Ballyduff, Co.Kerry.

Michael Kennelly,
or Keneely or Kenneally,
born 1833, Co.Kerry.
He mar 1864 or 1865 to Bridget Patt [bapt 1 March 1844].
He worked for the Coastguard.
At son's birth 1865 he is in Coast Guard, living at or near St.John's Point, near Dunkineely, Co.Donegal.
Listed as living Ballylongford at various children's baptisms spread over 1870-1888.
He travelled around with the Coastguard. He kept permanent base at Ballylongford.
One child was born in 1879 in Co.Antrim.
At time of Bridget's mother's 1881 letter they were living at Coastguard Station at mouth of Cashen River, NW of Ballyduff, just S of Ballybunion, NW coast of Co.Kerry.
He registered Bridget's mother's death 1886. Listed as living Ballylongford.
They are listed in 1901 census as living Main St, Ballylongford. He is "Naval pensioner". She is "seamstress".
Michael and Bridget had issue:

  1. Michael Joseph Kennelly,
    born 16 Sept 1865, Killultan, Killaghtee par, Co.Donegal (see map),
    see entry in [GROI],
    Killultan on old map shows "Coast Guards Flag Staff", and lighthouse at St.John's Point,
    see modern street view of lighthouse,
    Michael Joseph fl 1881.

  2. Mary Ann Kennelly,
    born 17 May 1870,
    bapt 19 May 1870 [Ballylongford RC par records].

  3. Thomas Kennelly,
    1881 letter says he is named after grandfather Thomas Patt,
    fl 1881.

  4. Patrick Kennelly,
    born 7 January 1877,
    bapt 11 Jan 1877 [Ballylongford RC par records].

  5. Anna Kennelly,
    1881 letter says she is named after her aunt Anna Patt,
    fl 1881,
    she is NOT Ann Kennelly, born Listowel, [GROI], 1869,
    she is NOT Hanorah Kenneally, born Glin, [GROI], 1st qr 1881.

  6. Dan Kennelly,
    youngest son (as at 1881),
    1881 letter says he is named after his uncle Dan Patt,
    fl 1881.

  7. Margaret Kennelly,
    born 1879, Co.Antrim,
    at home in 1901 census, she is listed as "seamstress".

  8. Christina Kennelly,
    born 23 December 1882, Co.Kerry,
    bapt 24 Dec 1882 [Ballylongford RC par records].
    At home in 1901 census. She is listed as "seamstress".
    She is listed in 1911 census as "housemaid - domestic servant", living and working in a hotel (manager Francis Augustus Esch) at Lahinch, W coast of Co.Clare.

  9. Catherine Kennelly,
    Kate, born 20 June 1888, Co.Kerry,
    bapt 24 June 1888 [Ballylongford RC par records],
    at home in 1901 census.

Coastguard station at the mouth of the Cashen River (some distance NW of Ballyduff) on 1829 to 1842 map.

Coastguard station marked on 1887 to 1913 map.
The old building is to the N. This has since been demolished. See modern street view.
See modern street view of the site to the S.

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