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The surname Patt:

Thomas Patt's descendants claimed "Patt" was short for a longer surname, but contemporary records all just say "Patt".


We start with:

Thomas Patt,
born 1789 or 1786,
of Leanamore, near Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.
[King, 1910] lists him as "of Lenamore" but is wrong to name him "John Patt".

He mar pre-1833, perhaps c.1830, to Eliza Rahilly [Elizabeth, bapt 12th May 1808].
His dau Anna was bapt Ballylongford 1832-33.
He must be "Thomas Patt" who is listed at plot 90, Main St, Ballylongford, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851], "house and yard", leasing from St.John T. Blacker. This is on the E side of Main St (see town map), right beside a property held by the widow Margaret Rahilly.
He is listed as "Thomas Patt, clerk" at dau's mar 1867 [GROI]. He would be the "Thomas Patt" who wit the mar.
Listed as "Thomas Patt, shopkeeper" at death.

Thomas dies, 1875:
He died 25 May 1875, Ballylongford, age 86 yrs [GROI], or age 89 yrs [P102/207(30)].
[P102/207(30)] thought he died 25 May but also thought he died on Monday (which was 24 May).
Eliza was living Ballylongford when she wrote 1881 letter to her just-widowed dau Anna Dillon (née Patt).
She was living Ballylongford when she wrote 1 Sept 1886 letter to her grand-dau Anna Park (née Dillon).

Eliza dies, 1886:
She died Ballylongford, 23 Dec 1886 [GROI], age 78 yrs (death cert incorrectly says age 87).
She is widow of a shopkeeper. Death reported by Michael Kennelly, son in law.
Thomas and Eliza had issue:

  1. Dan Patt,
    Daniel, born c.1830,
    emig to Chicago pre-1853,
    mar Betsy ---- [or Betsey, prob. Elizabeth].
    They survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871, which raged for 2 days. [Richard Emmet Ryan] said: "they were able to identify their property after the fire because they had buried their kitchen stove on their land to protect it as the fire approached their home".
    He never wrote home to Ireland.
    [Mary Jacobson, née Whelan] said he "disappeared from home and nobody ever heard from him".
    His mother in a letter of 1881 said about Dan: "Oh may God forgive him for the way he is treating me. Oh my dear Anna if I only got an empty letter, what a consolation it would afford me".
    Dan and Betsy had issue:

    1. (son) Patt,
      "who was blind and made his living making brooms" [Richard Emmet Ryan]

      Dan is believed to have descendants but contact lost.

  2. (dau) Patt,
    emig to Chicago pre-1853 [her sister Anna's obituary],
    she must be the sister living with Anna in Galesburg, Illinois [Mary Jacobson, née Whelan],
    poss. mar --- Shaughnessy [or poss. confusion with Anna's dau].

  3. Anna Patt,
    born Co.Kerry.
    One reading of Ballylongford RC par records says bapt 26 June 1832, sp Daniel Sullivan and Anna O'Donnell. But the page for June is missing or out of sequence in online parish records.
    Another reading of Ballylongford RC par records said bapt 29 May 1833.
    Obituary says born 29 July 1834.
    (todo) See original baptism. Microfilm is generally illegible.
    She emigrated to USA, age 18 (1850-52).
    Settled Chicago, where her sister and brother were living.
    Lived Galesburg, Knox Co., WC Illinois, at one time, with her sister.
    Ann Frederick says "The story I was told was that at 17 she stowed away to America to be with Patrick."
    She mar 29 Sept 1856, Chicago, to Patrick M. Dillon [born 1836] and had issue.

  4. Mary Patt,
    born Co.Kerry,
    bapt 17 September 1835 [Ballylongford RC par records], sp John Patt and Frances Breen,
    mar est c.1855 to John Barrett and had issue.

  5. Margaret Patt,
    born 1840, Co.Kerry [according to age in census],
    NOT Margret,
    mar wit by Thomas Patt and Cornelius Farrell,
    mar 1 February 1859 [Ballylongford RC par records] to John McCoy [of Glin, Co.Limerick] and had issue.

  6. Bridget Patt,
    born Co.Kerry, bapt 1 March 1844 [Ballylongford RC par records], sp David Hickey and Elizabeth Patt,
    "Bridget Patt" sp bapt of her niece Mary McCoy 1861,
    "Bridget Patt" sp bapt of her niece Bridget Barrett 1864,
    mar 1864 or 1865 to Michael Kennelly [born 1833] and had issue.

  7. Ellen Patt, born 1848,
    her obituary says born Ballybunion, but this is prob. just error for Ballylongford,
    school teacher in Ireland before her marriage, gave up after marriage, one of her pupils was her niece Kate Barrett,
    listed as "assistant teacher", living Ballylongford, at mar,
    mar 17th Sept 1867, Ballylongford [GROI], see mar cert, to James Cahill Ryan and had issue.

Patt house, Main St, Ballylongford

"Thomas Patt" listed at plot 90, Main St, Ballylongford, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].
Plot 89 is held by the widow Margaret Rahilly, though it is not the main Rahilly house.

Location of the Patt house, plot 90 in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].
E side of Main St, Ballylongford.
The main Rahilly house is plot 4.
See street view today.

Patt farm, Leanamore, SE of Ballylongford

Patt was meant to be from Leanamore, Aghavallen par, Co.Kerry.
Leanamore is a large townland SE of Ballylongford. It does not come up to the town itself.

"John Patt" is listed at Leanamore in [Tithe Survey, 1824].
There are no Patts in Leanamore in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].
Our Thomas Patt appears to be living in Main St, Ballylongford town, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].

Padraig O Concubhair knows of a Patt field in Leanamore. See the following.

"John Patt" listed as holding 31 acres at Leanamore in [Tithe Survey, 1824].

Part of Leanamore on 1829 to 1842 map.
Padraig O Concubhair says the field with the red cross (and also the field to the SE of it, below the ditch) was Patt's field.
There is a house at the road to the NW end.

The map of Leanamore in [Griffiths Valuation] has the field as merely one small part of the huge plot 8.
See text entries for Leanamore on p.19 and p.20 in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851]. There are no Patts listed in the townland.
Plot 8 in the text is listed as 123 acres, occupied by Ellen Scanlan. Honoria Cullinane is sub-renting a small house from Scanlan (which might be the house at Patt's field).
The plots numbers in the text do seem to correspond with the plot numbers on the map.

Part of Leanamore on 1887 to 1913 map.
Padraig O Concubhair says the field with the red cross (ditch now gone) was Patt's field.
The house is gone.
See modern satellite view.

Patt's field. Gate at NW side at the road.
From street view.

A trace of the old ditch still seems to be visible further down the field.
From street view.
Padraig O Concubhair said there was a well at this field, called "Patt's Well".
This is possibly the structure seen here.

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