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Patrick Rahilly, of Skagh

Skagh, Co.Cork, on 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern Google Maps.

Patrick Rahilly,
bapt 14 January 1839,
farmer, of Skagh, N of Millstreet, NW Co.Cork.
At mar he is a farmer, of Skagh.

He mar 20 Dec 1864 to Mary Connell [born 1841, dau of Peter Connell, farmer, of Dromagh, Dromtarriff par, NW Co.Cork].
They mar at Dernagree RC church, Dromtarriff par, Co.Cork. See map.
See mar cert. From here. It suggests he is literate but she is illiterate. She is a "servant", of Dromagh.
They are listed at Skagh at children's baptisms.
Mary died pre-1901.
Patrick and family are listed in 1901 census at Skagh. Surname is "Rahilly". He is "farmer".
He must have died pre-1911.
Patrick and Mary had issue:

  1. Daniel Rahilly,
    born Co.Cork, bapt 30 September 1865 [Dromtarriff RC par records],
    at home in Skagh in 1901 census, unmarried,
    registered Peter's death 1920, his residence then given as Skagh.

  2. Honora Rahilly,
    Nora, born Co.Cork,
    bapt 7 July 1867 [Dromtarriff RC par records],
    at home in Skagh in 1901 census, unmarried,
    "Nora Rahilly, sister-in-law" (i.e. unmarried) registered Aileen's death 1915, her residence then given as Skagh.

  3. Bridget Rahilly,
    listed as "Bridghid" on census, born Co.Cork,
    bapt 13 February 1870 [Dromtarriff RC par records],
    at home in Skagh in 1901 census, unmarried.

  4. John Rahilly,
    bapt 22 December 1871 [Dromtarriff RC par records].

  5. Peter Rahilly,
    Peter Joseph Rahilly, of Skagh,
    born 18 Nov 1874, Skagh, Co.Cork [GROI],
    bapt 18 October 1874 [Dromtarriff RC par records].
    Either birth or bapt date must be wrong.

  6. Julia Rahilly,
    bapt 2 December 1877 [Dromtarriff RC par records].

  7. Mary Rahilly,
    bapt 23 August 1879 [Dromtarriff RC par records].


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