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My ancestors - O'Rahilly - Contents

Peter Rahilly, of Skagh

Death of Aileen O'Connell in 1915.
From Southern Star, December 25, 1915.
This confirms she is great-grand-dau of Daniel O'Connell.

Peter Rahilly,
Peter Joseph Rahilly, of Skagh,
born 18 Nov 1874, Skagh, Co.Cork.
His children later adopted "O'Rahilly" but think Peter was "Rahilly" his whole life, until his death in 1920.
"Peter Joseph Rahilly" on death cert. Wife's death announcement says "P. J. Rahilly".

He edited or owned the Cork Sun newspaper c.1900.
At home in Skagh in 1901 census, listed as "journalist".

He mar 1903 to Aileen O'Connell [born 1882 or 1883, descendant of Daniel O'Connell and of Edward III].
See entry at Skagh in 1911 census. They are all "Rahilly". He is listed as "farmer".
His wife's death announcement says he was a well-known nationalist, and prominent organiser of the United Irish League.
Aileen died 7 Dec 1915, Skagh, apparently NOT 15 Dec 1915, age 32 or 33 yrs, from hemorrhage when 6 months pregnant [GROI]. She is listed as "wife of a farmer".
See death announcement in Southern Star, December 25, 1915.
Peter died 18 Sept 1920, Skagh, age 45 yrs, of tuberculosis [GROI]. He is listed as "farmer", widower.
Children orphaned.
Peter and Aileen had issue:

  1. (child) Rahilly, died pre-1911.

  2. Aileen O'Rahilly,
    born 1906, Cork city,
    "Aileen Mary Rahilly" in 1911 census, NOT Eileen.

  3. Daniel O'Rahilly,
    born 1908, Co.Cork,
    "Daniel Rahilly" in 1911 census,
    had issue:
    1. Peter O'Rahilly.
    2. Eileen O'Rahilly.
    3. Anne O'Rahilly.
    4. Patricia O'Rahilly.
    5. Daniel O'Rahilly.

  4. Hanoria O'Rahilly,
    born 1909, Co.Cork,
    "Hanoria Rahilly" in 1911 census, Nan, NOT Honoria,
    mar Kenneth Thomas and had issue:
    1. Anna Thomas.
    2. Francis Thomas.
    3. Kathleen Thomas.
    4. Peter Thomas.

  5. Shawn O'Rahilly,
    born Mar 1911, Co.Cork,
    "John Maurice Rahilly" in 1911 census (after grandfather),
    farmed at Banteer, S of Kanturk, Clonmeen par, Co.Cork (see map).

  6. Patrick O'Rahilly (after grandfather),
    farmed at Banteer, Co.Cork,
    died unmarried.

  7. Christopher O'Rahilly,
    farmed at Banteer, Co.Cork,
    died unmarried.

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