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(Left to Right:) John Whelan, Vincent Whelan, Mary Whelan.
Would be around 1898-99.
See larger.
See full size (on RHS is photo of Carl Jacobson).
Photos courtesy of Colleen Anheuser.

Edward Whelan,
Irish-American, his family came from Waterford,
he was born on Washington Island, "where a lot of Irish settled as fishermen",
this must be Washington Island, Wisconsin, on Lake Michigan,
mar Kate Barrett,
she died 1930,
he died 1937,
had issue:

  1. John Whelan,
    John Joseph Whelan, born January 30, 1893, must be after grandfather,
    mar Carrie ----, no issue,
    died in hospital, Long Beach, CA, Apr 1953, age 60 yrs,
    think at the Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital, Long Beach,
    which would mean he served in US military.

  2. Mary Whelan, must be after grandmother,
    Mary Margaret Whelan, born November 25, 1894,
    mar Carl Jacobson [Carl Ludwig Jacobson],
    lived Racine, S of Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
    he died June 1964,
    she researched family tree, corresponded with Richard Emmet Ryan about family tree since 1969, visited Ireland c.1982,
    died September 10, 1989, age 94 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Colleen Jacobson.

    2. Marianne Jacobson, mar James Anheuser and had issue:
      1. Colleen Anheuser, mar Michael Meehan and had issue:
        1. Katherine Meehan.
        2. Sara Meehan.
        3. Patrick Meehan.
      2. Tim Anheuser, mar Julie Rennebohm and had issue:
        1. Lauren Anheuser.
        2. James Anheuser.
        3. Michael Anheuser.
      3. Amy Anheuser, mar William Goldstein and had issue:
        1. Sara Goldstein.
        2. Claire Goldstein.
      4. Margaret Anheuser, mar H. Stephen Desmond and had issue:
        1. Jane Desmond.
        2. John Desmond.
        3. William Desmond.

  3. Vincent Whelan,
    Vincent Edward Whelan, born July 19, 1897,
    died April 10, 1910 in Racine, Wisconsin, after a football injury, age 12 yrs.

Mary Whelan, at her wedding.
See larger and full size.
Photo courtesy of Colleen Anheuser.

Carl Jacobson, at his wedding.
See larger and full size.
Photo courtesy of Colleen Anheuser.

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