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Stephen Pigott


Stephen Pigott and Margaret Quinn and children Josephine (left) and Catherine (right).
Photo would be c.1908.
Posted on Ancestry by Lynda Hyde.
See larger. Courtesy of Billy Coenen.

Stephen Pigott,
Stephen F.X. Pigott,
born 1 Dec 1877, New York.
See entry in Kathleen Flahive tree by kateonridge.
See entry in tree by Billy Coenen.
At home with mother in 1880 census.
Listed at home in 1900 census, single, occupation "bookbinder".

He mar 28 June 1903, Manhattan, to Margaret Quinn [born 1884 according to census, Margaret Jane Quinn].
Stephen F.X. Pigott, "bookbinder", listed living with mother in Brooklyn in Brooklyn Directory 1904 and 1906.
Stephen and Margaret are listed in 1925 census at 258 Kosciuszko St, Brooklyn (see full size). His occupation column says "essay office".
Margaret died 19 Jan 1942, Brooklyn.
He died 17 Oct 1947, Queens, New York.
Stephen and Margaret had issue:

  1. Josephine Pigott,
    born 2 Mar 1904, Kings county (Brooklyn), New York.
    She mar 15 Oct 1940, Brooklyn, to Sid Worrad [Sidney E. Worrad].
    (todo) See New York Marriage License, no.25045.
    Josephine died 9 Sept 1988, Hempstead, Long Island, New York, age 84 yrs.
    They had issue. Think they are parents of:

    1. Thomas Worrad.
      DNA match to me.

    And think they are grandparents of:

    1. Diane Worrad.
      DNA match to me.

  2. Katherine Pigott,
    Katherine Imelda Pigott, born 23 Oct 1905,
    or Catherine, "Katherine" in 1925 census, Kate,
    mar Werner William Coenen,
    died 1981,
    had issue:

    1. Billy Coenen.
      DNA match to me and John Lavelle and Malachi Spain and Nuala Duggan and Niall Humphreys and Ralph Powell.

  3. Helen Pigott,
    born 1909.

  4. John Pigott,
    John Ambrose Pigott, born 1912,
    had issue:

    1. Kate Pigott.
      DNA match to me and John Lavelle and Malachi Spain and Donal Duggan and Nuala Duggan and Niall Humphreys.


Stephen Pigott (died 1947) during WW2.
His dau Helen in background.
Posted on Ancestry by Lynda Hyde.

Supposed to be John Pigott.
Posted on Ancestry by Lynda Hyde.
She (or somebody) linked this to John Pigott (born 1912) but it looks too early to be him.

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