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Charles I

Charles I (see here),
born 1600.
Reigned from March 1625 to his execution in 1649.
He married in May 1625 to Henrietta Maria de Bourbon [dau of Henry IV, King of France].
She was descendant of Pope Felix V.
English Civil War 1642-1651.
He was executed 1649. (Commonwealth 1649-1660.)
They had issue:

  1. Charles II, born 1630,
    reigned 1660-85.

  2. Mary Stuart, born 1631,
    mar William II de Nassau, Prince of Orange
    and had issue:

    1. William III,
      "William of Orange", Prince of Orange, Count of Nassau.
      He mar Mary II.
      Williamite-Jacobite War 1689-1691.
      They reigned jointly (her 1689-1694, him 1689-1702).
      "Flight of the Wild Geese" after 1691.
      Act of Settlement 1701.
      Penal Laws 1691-1778.

  3. James II, born 1633.
    Reigned 1685-88.
    He mar 1stly to Anne Hyde and had issue:

    1. Mary II,
      mar William III,
      reigned jointly.

    2. Anne,
      reigned 1702-14.
      Crown then passed to the House of Hanover.

    James II mar 2ndly to Mary of Modena.
    He was deposed by William and Mary 1688 (supported by parliament) because of the threat of a Catholic succession.
    He had issue by 2nd wife:

    1. James Stuart, The Old Pretender, born 1688,
      had issue:

      1. Charles Stuart, The Young Pretender,
        "Bonnie Prince Charlie".

Timeline of 1688-91 period

  June 1688   James II's son is born
  July        Parliament invites William of Orange to depose King James
  Dec         James leaves England

  Apr 1689    William and Mary crowned
              Siege of Derry begins

  July 1690   Battle of the Boyne

  July 1691   Battle of Aughrim
  Oct         Siege of Limerick
              Jacobite surrender, Treaty of Limerick

Names deriving from Orange

Other names

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