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Edward I

Picture at Westminster Abbey, from during the reign of Edward I, thought to be an image of the King.
From here.

Edward I ("Longshanks") (see here),
born 1239.
He mar 1stly, 1254, to Eleanor of Castile [descendant of Henry II].
He reigned 1272-1307.
He expelled the Jews from England 18 July 1290. (They would remain expelled until the 1650s.)

Eleanor dies, 1290:
She died at Harby near Lincoln 28 November 1290.
Her body was taken from Lincoln to London.
She was bur Westminster Abbey, London.
Some of her remains were buried at Lincoln Cathedral.
Edward erected crosses from Lincoln to London as monuments to her. These crosses included one at Charing Cross in London It has been claimed that the latter's name derives from "chere reine" cross ("dear Queen" cross), but this is disputed.

Edward I had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Joan of Acre, born 1272.
    She mar 1stly to Gilbert de Clare, "the Red", 7th Earl of Gloucester and had issue.
    She mar 2ndly to Ralph de Monthermer, 1st Baron Monthermer and had issue:

    1. Thomas de Monthermer, 2nd Baron Monthermer,
      had issue:

      1. Margaret de Monthermer,
        mar John Montagu, 1st Baron Montagu and had issue.

  2. Princess Elizabeth, born 1282,
    mar Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford and had issue.

  3. Edward II,
    born 1284, Caernarvon Castle, Wales (on one of his father's campaigns against the Welsh),
    reigned 1307-27.

Edward I mar 2ndly, 1299, to Margaret of France [dau of Philip III, King of France].
He died 1307, age 68 yrs.
He was bur Westminster Abbey, London.
Margaret died 1317.
She was bur Christ Church Greyfriars, Newgate, London (destroyed in WW2, now a ruin and garden).
Edward I had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Thomas of Brotherton, 1st Earl of Norfolk,
    had issue:

    1. Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk,
      mar John Segrave, 4th Baron Segrave,
      had issue:

      1. Elizabeth Segrave, mar John Mowbray, 4th Baron Mowbray and had issue.

  2. Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent,
    mar Margaret Wake, 3rd Baroness Wake of Liddell,
    had issue:

    1. Joan Plantagenet, "The Fair Maid of Kent".
      She mar 1stly to Thomas de Holland, 1st Earl of Kent and had issue.
      She mar 2ndly (legally, another mar was anulled) to Edward, The Black Prince and had issue.
      She was mother of Richard II.

Early 14th century manuscript showing Edward I and Eleanor of Castile.
See full size. From here.

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