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King John

Effigy of King John on his tomb in Worcester Cathedral.
This is the earliest royal effigy in England (earlier ones in France).
See full size. From here.

King John (see here and here),
reigned 1199-1216,
Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland ("King of Ireland") 1177-84,
succ 1199,
the play King John (see here) by Shakespeare spans 1199-1216,
he is often cast as the villain in the stories of Robin Hood,
mar 1200 to Isabella Taillefer [descendant of Henry I],
ordered erection of Dublin Castle 1204,
built King John's Castle, Limerick c.1210,
he was forced to sign the Magna Carta 1215,
died 1216,
bur before the High Altar in Worcester cathedral,
had issue by Isabella:

  1. Henry III, born 1207, reigned 1216-72.

had affair and had illegitimate issue:

  1. Richard FitzJohn, mar Rohese and had issue:
    1. Isabel de Dover, mar Maurice de Berkeley and had issue.

    2. Lorette de Dover,
      this descent from [Roberts, 2008],
      mar Sir William Marmion and had issue:

      1. John Marmion, 1st Baron Marmion, had issue:
        1. John Marmion, 2nd Baron Marmion, mar Maud Furnival and had issue:
          1. Joan Marmion, mar Sir John Bernacke and had issue:
            1. Maud Bernacke, mar Ralph Cromwell, 2nd Baron Cromwell and had issue:

              1. Maud Cromwell, mar Sir William Fitzwilliam and had issue.

King John's tomb in Worcester Cathedral.
From Andrew Kelsall. See Andrew J. Kelsall Photography. Used with permission.
See other shot from Andrew Kelsall. Used with permission.

King John's tomb in Worcester Cathedral.
See full size. From here.
See another shot from Tom Ritchie. See terms of use.
See more Flickr images.

Drawing of the above effigy of King John in Worcester Cathedral.
From A Student's History of England by Samuel Rawson Gardiner (1916). See here.
Originally from Stothard's Monumental Effigies.
See also a cast of the effigy at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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