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The Earls Fitzwilliam of England

This family had many contacts with the family of the Viscounts Fitzwilliam of Ireland through the centuries. They often referred to each other as kinsmen, and they used similar arms. But there is no real evidence they are related.

Sprotbrough, Yorkshire.
"Ch." in the centre is St Mary's Church.
From old map. Revised: 1901. Published: 1904.

Sir John Fitzwilliam,
of Sprotbrough, near Doncaster, Yorkshire (see map),
mar Elizabeth Clinton,
founded in 1372 the chantry of St.Edward in St Mary's Church, Sprotbrough (see map and street view and Geograph),
had issue:

Sir William Fitzwilliam,
mar Maud Cromwell [descendant of King John]
and had issue:

Sir John Fitzwilliam,
mar Eleanor Greene,
he might be Sir John Fitzwilliam who erected a cross (now gone) next to St Mary's Church, Sprotbrough, during the reign of Henry V (1413 to 1422),
he died 1417,
had issue:

  1. John Fitzwilliam,
    mar Margaret Clarell and had issue:

    1. William Fitzwilliam, of Sprotbrough, died 1474,
      brass in St Mary's Church, Sprotbrough.

  2. John Fitzwilliam,
    of Greens Norton, Northamptonshire,
    apparently two sons called John,
    mar Helen Villiers,
    had issue:

    1. Sir William Fitzwilliam, Knt..
      Ancestor of the Earls Fitzwilliam.

Sprotbrough on p.514 of vol.6 of Magna Britannia Antiqua & Nova, Thomas Cox, 1738.
Says the Fitzwilliam cross in Sprotbrough was "pulled down in 1520".
Claims the Viscounts Fitzwilliam of Ireland are related to this family.

Fitzwilliam of Aldwark, Yorkshire

From another son of Sir John Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Clinton descends Fitzwilliam of Aldwark, Yorkshire.

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