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House of Lancaster

Henry IV (see here),
born 1367.
Reigned 1399-1413.
In 1404 he banned "multiplication", part of alchemy. This was effectively a ban on chemistry.
He died 1413.
See Cultural depictions of Henry IV.
He had issue:

  1. Henry V, born 1386.
    Reigned 1413-1422.
    Great military success in the Hundred Years War. He occupied northern France.
    He won a great victory at Battle of Agincourt 1415.
    He died 1422.
    See Cultural depictions of Henry V.
    He had issue:

    1. Henry VI, born 1421.
      Reigned 1422-1461.
      He founded Eton College 1440.
      He founded King's College, Cambridge, 1441.
      The Wars of the Roses began in 1455. Struggle between House of York and House of Lancaster for the English throne.
      Henry VI was deposed 1461. Edward IV (House of York) took the throne.
      Reigned again 1470-1471.
      Murdered at prayer 1471.
      Crown taken back by Edward IV and the House of York.


The Shakespeare plays about the House of Lancaster (1399-1471) are fascinating but not always historically accurate.

The "Saint Crispin's day" speech in the movie Henry V (1944, during WW2).
Directed by and starring Laurence Olivier.

The "Saint Crispin's day" speech in the movie Henry V (1989).
Directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh.


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