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Dr. Patrick Lane

Dr. Patrick Lane,
born 12 Apr 1892.
He was educ Crescent College, Limerick.
He was educ National University. Doctor.

Served in British army in WWI. He was in Royal Army Medical Corps.
He provided medical treatment for injured soldiers in the middle of battlefields.
He served in the Battle of the Somme in 1916.
Awarded the Military Cross (MC) for bravery.

He worked with Limerick County Council as doctor. Tuberculosis officer, and school examiner.
"P.J. Lane, M.D., Quinpool, Limerick" is listed in [Thoms, 1925] and [Thoms, 1926] and [Thoms, 1927] as Medical Officer of the Tuberculosis Committee, Limerick County Council.
He died 25 Mar 1968, age 75 yrs.

Dr. Patrick Lane.
From a newspaper article about him, date 1964-1968.
See top and middle and bottom.
Easier to read on photocopy. See top and bottom.

Dr. Patrick Lane listed on p.1209 of [Thoms, 1926] on the Tuberculosis Committee, Limerick County Council.

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