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Ryan (Tim) of Newross, Co.Tipperary

Ryan "Cadea" of Newross, Co.Tipperary

Ryan of Newport area

Our family is the Ryan "Tim" family.
(There are so many Ryans in Co.Tipperary that they often have an additional "family name" to identify them.)
There are the following possibly related Ryan families in the area of Newport, Co.Tipperary:

Our family

Our line starts with:

Tim Ryan,
His family was called the Ryan "Tim" family.
He was a farmer in Newross, Kilnarath par, NE of Newport, Co.Tipperary.
There was speculation that he was linked to Ryan of Mount Prospect. But no solid evidence.

He mar pre-1814 to Margaret Hourigan [also written as "Peggy" in Newport RC par records].
She was possibly of near Doonane, NE of Newport, Co.Tipperary.
She was meant to be related to Hourigan of Ahane, near Newport.
Note there is a Ballyhourigan townland and Ballyhourigan Wood, N of Doonane, Killoscully par, Co.Tipperary (see old map).

Tim and Margaret were in Newross since at least 1814, all children born Newross, bapt Catholic in [Newport RC par records].
He is listed as farmer, Newross, at childrens' bapts 1814 to 1823.
"Tim Ryan" and "Margaret Hourigan" sp the bapt of the son of William Ryan of Newross in 1816. Tim must be him. Margaret looks like her, except why use maiden name?
"Tim Ryan" is listed at Newross in [Tithe Survey, 1827]. He holds 76 acres, the largest plot in the townland.
Tim is listed at Newross at dau's bapt 1828.
He probably died before 1835.
[Census, 1835] shows only "William Ryan (Timothy)" in Newross (see William Ryan of Newross). Note Tim's son would be age only 15.
Tim must have died before 1848.
[Griffiths Valuation, 1848] shows his son Mickey Tim Ryan holding Newross.
Tim and Margaret had issue:

  1. Catherine Ryan,
    born Newross,
    bapt 1 Nov 1814 [Newport RC par records], sp Michael Ryan and Catherine Hourigan,
    mar 3rd July 1832 [Newport RC par records] [her age 17] to Michael Foley [of Caherconlish, Co.Limerick],
    mar wit by Patrick Ryan and Rev. M. O'Shaughnessy and Phil Ryan.

  2. Honora Ryan,
    born Newross,
    bapt "Honor", 15 Aug 1816 [Newport RC par records], sp Pat Hourigan and Biddy Ryan,
    she is "Honora" on the gravestone she erected to her husband,
    though "Hanora" on the gravestone her son erected for her,
    NOT Mag, NOT Margaret,
    mar 3rd Feb 1835 [Newport RC par records] [her age 18] to James Foley [of Ballynahinch, Co.Tipperary] and had issue,
    mar wit by Patrick Ryan and William Ryan and Michael Ryan.

  3. Biddy Ryan,
    Bridget, born Newross,
    Fred Faulkner listed her as Jeannette,
    bapt 11 May 1818 [Newport RC par records], sp Pat Ryan and Judy Hourigan,
    "Bridget Ryan" sp the bapt of her nephew Tim Foley 1836,
    "Bridget Ryan" sp the bapt of her nephew Michael Foley 1843,
    mar 27th Feb 1838 [Newport RC par records] to Samuel Young [Sam, of Ballynahinch, Co.Tipperary],
    Fred Faulkner said he was a Protestant and thought he was from the Silvermines, Co.Tipperary,
    mar wit by Ben Young and Timothy Ryan and Michael Ryan.

  4. Margaret Ryan,
    born Newross, Co.Tipperary,
    bapt Margaret, 19 Sept 1819 [Newport RC par records] (and here), sp Mat Coffey and --- Hourigan.
    She was apparently "Margaret Mary". (Apparently her grand-dau Sighle Humphreys was named "Margaret Mary" after her.)
    Note that the eldest grand-dau in the Rath branch was bapt "Margaret Mary".
    Fred Faulkner says the Ryans referred to her as "Maria", or even "Mary" or "Molly". (Note her mother was Margaret, and there was no daughter Mary.)
    However the Humphrys referred to her as "Margaret", and all written records say "Margaret".
    She is listed as "Margaret Ryan, Newross" at mar.
    She mar 16 Feb 1841 [Newport RC par records] to James Humphrys and had issue.
    Mar wit by Anthony Humphrys, Mick Ryan, John Humphrys.

  5. Mickey Tim Ryan,
    Mick, born Newross,
    bapt Michael, 15 Oct 1820 [Newport RC par records], sp John Hourigan and Kitty Coffey,
    inherited the farm at Newross.

  6. Judy Ryan,
    born Newross,
    bapt 14 Jan 1822 [Newport RC par records], sp William Ryan and Mary Hourigan.

  7. Joanna Ryan,
    born Newross,
    bapt 2 Oct 1823 [Newport RC par records], sp Tim Ryan and Sara Ryan,
    she is probably "Hannah Ryan" who sp the bapt of her niece Mary Foley 1841,
    she must be Joanna Ryan who sp bapt of John Humphrys 1843,
    she is prob. "Johanna Ryan" who sp bapt of her nephew Thady Ryan 1844.

  8. Anne Ryan,
    think NOT Ann, born Newross,
    bapt 5 June 1828 [Newport RC par records], sp Denis Ryan and Catherine Ryan,
    "Anne Ryan" sp the bapt of her nephew John Foley 1845,
    "Anne Ryan" sp bapt of her niece Catherine Humphrys 1847,
    "Anne Ryan" sp the bapt of her niece Catherine Foley 1849,
    mar --- Lloyd,
    mar not found in [Newport par records].

Fred Faulkner also lists daughters:

  1. Elizabeth Ryan,
    mar --- Kilfeather [Protestant].

  2. Antoinette Ryan.


Baptism of Margaret Ryan, 19 Sept 1819 [Newport RC par records].

Newross on 1829 to 1842 map.
Ahane townland to S.
Castlewaller townland to E.


William Ryan of Newross

William must be related:

Claims of link to Ryan of Ballymackeogh or Ryan of Mount Prospect are unproven:

William is probably just Catholic Ryan of Newross:


William's family is as follows:

William Ryan,
of Ryan "Tim" family,
probably brother of Tim Ryan.
He mar pre-1814 to Bridget Ryan [Biddy, par records show her maiden name was Ryan].
He is listed as farmer, Newross, at children's baptisms 1814-16.
"William Ryan" is listed at Newross in [Tithe Survey, 1827]. He holds 52 acres, the 2nd largest plot in the townland.
[Census, 1835] shows "William Ryan (Timothy)" as sole occupant of Newross. He is listed as Catholic. It seems Tim Ryan of Newross died early and his son Mickey Tim Ryan was not yet old enough to take over.

William is NOT listed at Newross in the printed copies of [Griffiths Valuation, 1848-50]. Only Mickey Tim Ryan is listed.
However, Fred Faulkner says he found "William Ryan (Tim)" and "Michael Ryan (Tim)" listed in "The Rateable Valuation lists of 1850". (todo) Identify this.
Mickey Tim Ryan (William's probable nephew) was evicted from Newross apparently 1850 and moved to nearby Ahane (Cully).
Eviction of 1854: Fred Faulkner thinks William was the last Ryan in Newross, and was evicted by the landlord Bolton Waller apparently in 1854.
Fred Faulkner found a pencil entry added to "The Rateable Valuation lists of 1850", saying: "4.00 a.m. March 1854 - Bolton".
This ties in with a story that the Ryans were evicted in the middle of the night.

It is thought that after William was evicted in 1854, he went to join (his probable nephew) Mickey Tim Ryan who was already living at Ahane/Cully.
William and Bridget had issue:

  1. John Ryan,
    born Newross,
    bapt 11th Sept 1814 [Newport RC par records], sp John Ryan, Mary Ryan.

  2. Denis Ryan,
    born Newross,
    bapt 29 Aug 1816 [Newport RC par records], sp Tim Ryan, Margaret Hourigan.

Baptism of Denis Ryan, 29 Aug 1816 [Newport RC par records].


William Ryan of Ballymackeogh

There were stories of a Protestant Ryan of Ballymackeogh with Catholic Ryan descendants.
Here is a William Ryan of Ballymackeogh with a child baptised Catholic in 1835.

William Ryan,
mar Bridget Shrawn,
listed as of Ballymackeogh (poorly spelt, but definitely Ballymackeogh) at son's bapt 1835,
had issue:
  1. William Ryan,
    bapt 28 Aug 1835 [Newport RC par records], sp Edmond Kelly and Margaret Ryan.


Baptism of William Ryan, 28 Aug 1835, in [Newport RC par records].

Newport area on p.99 of [Taylor and Skinner, 1777]. N is to the right.
Note White at "New Ross".
Note Ryan at Ballymackeogh House.

Newport area on p.210 of [Taylor and Skinner, 1777]. N is down.
Note Ballymackeogh House.



There was a story that a sister of our Tim Ryan of Newross married a member of the Gason landed gentry family.
Though no Ryan marriage is listed in [Burkes Irish, 1976].

--- Gason,
Protestant, landed gentry, French Huguenot ancestry,
of Richmond (formerly Killashalloe), NW side of Nenagh, Co.Tipperary (see map),
Richmond was an old fortified house onto which a 1733 house was built,

said to have mar --- Ryan [Catholic].

Richmond House, near Nenagh, Co.Tipperary, on 1829 to 1842 map.



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