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Patrick Lane


Patrick Lane, bapt 1 Dec 1855.
Inherited father's farm at Quinpool House, Co.Clare.
He mar 1888-89 to Joanna McGrath [born 1865].
They are listed at Quinpool in 1901 census. He is farmer. His widowed father living with them. They have 4 servants living with them.
Could he possibly be "Patrick Lane, Assistant Master, Limerick Union" who is at funeral of Dr. David Humphreys in 1903?
District Commissioner: He is listed as "D.C." at father's funeral 1905.
Death notice says he was formerly member of "the old Limerick Board of Guardians and No.2 District Council".
They are listed at Quinpool in 1911 census. He is farmer. They have 1 servant living with them.
He is listed as DC, of Quinpool, at his brother's death 1914.
He is listed as farmer, Quinpool, at death.

Patrick dies, 1927:
He died at his house at Quinpool, 30 July 1927, age 71 yrs.
See item in Limerick Chronicle, 30 July 1927.

Joanna dies, 1941:
Joanna died 17 May 1941, age 76 yrs,
funeral 19 May, bur Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
See report in Limerick Leader, 24 May 1941.
Patrick and Joanna had issue:

  1. Eileen Lane,
    born 1889 or 1890, Co.Clare,
    "Ellen" in 1901 census,
    "Aileen" in 1911 census.
    She mar --- Blake.
    He was butcher, Thurles, Co.Tipperary.

    "Anna Blake" wit the mar of Eileen's younger sister Mona Lane in 1932.

  2. "Hannie" Lane,
    born 1890, Co.Clare.
    At home in 1901 census.

    She must be same as:

    "Maimie" Lane [dau],
    born 1891, Co.Clare.
    At home in 1911 census.

  3. Rita Lane,
    born 1891, Co.Clare.
    She mar ----.
    Lived W Co.Limerick.

  4. Dr. Patrick Lane,
    Patrick Joseph Lane, P.J. Lane, born 1892, Co.Clare.
    "Patt" in 1901 census.
    Served in WWI. Military Cross.

  5. Josie Lane,
    Josephine, born 1894, Co.Clare,
    fl 1985, living Kilrush, Co.Clare.

  6. Kathleen Lane,
    born 1896, Co.Clare,
    mar Bart Laffan [of Killonan, near Limerick city, see map, think NOT Laffin].

  7. Agnes Lane,
    born Co.Clare,
    born late 1899, must be twin with Thomas (both age 1 ½ on 1901 census).

  8. Tom Lane,
    Thomas, T.A. Lane, born Co.Clare,
    born late 1899, must be twin with Agnes (both age 1 ½ on 1901 census).
    He inherited farm at Quinpool House.
    He died 1955, age 56 yrs.
    He had issue:

    1. Paddy Lane, mar Carmel O'Connor and had issue:
      1. Tommy Lane.
      2. David Lane.
      3. Liz Lane.
      4. Geraldine Lane.
    2. Margaret Lane.
    3. Marie Lane.
    4. Nan Lane, mar --- O'Shea.

  9. Mona Lane,
    born 1903, Co.Clare.
    She mar 1932 to James Hourigan and had issue.

  10. Joe Lane,
    Joseph, born Co.Clare.
    1911 census says he is age 3 (born 1908).
    However, Joseph Lane, grandson, is listed at his grandfather's funeral 1905 (could be a 1st cousin Joseph).
    1911 census says Patrick and Joanna had 13 children born, 10 then living.
    Joanna's funeral 1941 lists 7 married daughters:
    1. Mrs. Blake.
    2. Mrs. Kelly.
    3. Mrs. Magner.
    4. Mrs. Laffan.
    5. Mrs. W. Blake.
    6. Mrs. Purcell.
    7. Mrs. Hourigan.

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