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The musical career of Francis Sharp (died 1795)

The musical career and interests of Francis Sharp of Stamford (died 1795).
Items from 1775 to 1794.

When his father was alive


Francis Sharp the younger (not the father) promoting his own concerts.
From Stamford Mercury, 28 Sept 1775.

From Stamford Mercury, 12 Sept 1776.

Ad for forthcoming concert on 14 Sept 1781 organised by Francis Sharp, junior.
Concert features Wilhelm Cramer and his 10 year old son Johann Baptist Cramer.
From Stamford Mercury, 30 Aug 1781.
See transcript in [Fleming, 2017].

After his father had died


From Stamford Mercury, 9 June 1786.

From Stamford Mercury, 29 December 1786.

From Stamford Mercury, 15 June 1787.

Mr. Sharp, of Stamford, is listed as a subscriber to the 2nd edn (1788) of Cathedral Music by William Boyce.
See list of subscribers in vol.1.

Francis Sharp performing in Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire.
From Northampton Mercury, 21 August 1790.

"Sharpe, sen. and jun. Stamford" performing at Oundle, Northamptonshire, in 1792.
An ad in the Northampton Mercury, 15 September 1792.
See transcript part 1 and part 2 in [Perkins, 2020, vol.1, p.71].
This might be Francis Sharp's son Francis.

Sharp and Sharpe listed on p.58 of Musical Directory, 1794 by Joseph Doane.
It says Francis Sharp of Stamford has performed the piano forte at Westminster Abbey, London.
[Bio. Actors etc.] says these were the Handel Commemoration concerts at Westminster Abbey in 1784-1791.
[Perkins, 2020] says Sharp played in the 1786 concert.


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