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David Skene, of Zamosc, Poland

Ancestry of Katharine Skene.
From p.125 of [Skene, 1887].

David Skene.
Scottish merchant in Poland.
His father David Skene the elder was a merchant of near Aberdeen who had gone to Poland.
David the younger was a burgess of Zamosc, the beautiful planned Renaissance town in SE Poland (sometimes written Zamosky or Zamoski).
He mar Margaret Chalmers [dau of Robert Chalmers, merchant in Danzig].
He died pre-1668.
David and Margaret had issue:

  1. George Skene,
    born Zamosc, Poland, 17th Sept 1644.

  2. Alexander Skene.

  3. Katharine Skene,
    born Zamosc, Poland, 3 Oct 1646,
    went back to Scotland before 1671,
    mar 1671 in Aberdeen to David Ædie and had issue.

1617 map of Zamosc, Poland.
From here.
See Maps of Zamosc.

Zamosc, Poland.
Birthplace of Katharine Skene.
See History of Zamosc.
The Nazis planned to demolish the old town but luckily their plans were not carried out.
See modern street view in centre.

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