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Skene of Skene, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

The Skene arms (3 daggers with wolves' heads) on the front of Skene House.
Photo 1994. Picture courtesy of Judith Campbell.
See full size, where one can see the motto, "Virtutis regia merces" ("A palace the reward of bravery").
See also photo 1998.
See also the joint Skene and Ædie arms inside the house.

Skene were a prominent family in Aberdeenshire since medieval times.
Their seat was Skene Castle (later called Skene House, central tower built 1217), near Lyne of Skene, Skene, W of Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire.
Following the numbering adopted in [Skene, 1887], the first Laird is:

Robert Skene, 1st Laird of Skene,
granted the Barony of Skene by Robert the Bruce in 1317.


The 1st Laird is ancestor of:

Adam Skene, 5th Laird of Skene,
mar Janet Keith [descendant of David I, King of Scotland and of Henry I],
he was killed in Battle of Harlaw 1411,
had issue:

James Skene, 6th Laird of Skene,
succ 1411,
mar [widow of Fraser of Corntoun],
died 1461,
had issue:

Alexander Skene, 7th Laird of Skene,
mar [settlement 1438] to Mariot of Kinarde,
succ 1461,
died 1470,
had issue:

Gilbert Skene, 8th Laird of Skene, succ 1470,
mar 1481 to Cristina Mercer,
died 1485,
Cristina remarried,
they had issue:

Alexander Skene, 9th Laird of Skene,
born est c.1481, succ 1485,
mar Agnes Forbes [descendant of Robert III, King of Scotland and of Henry I],
died 1507, age est c.26,
had issue:

  1. Alexander Skene, 10th Laird of Skene,
    born est c.1499,
    succ 1507,
    it was him who mar 1516 to Elizabeth Black, NOT his father,
    died 1517, age est c.18 yrs,
    had (posthumous) issue:

    1. Alexander Skene, 11th Laird of Skene, born 1517.

  2. James Skene of Wester Corse,
    born est c.1505.

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