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Robert Skene, of Belhelvie

The start of Skene of Belhelvie, on pp.123-130 of [Skene, 1887].

Robert Skene,
born est c.1535,
of Belhelvie, N of Aberdeen (see map, an estate which included Potterton).
He mar 1stly to --- Ædie [unnamed dau of David Ædie].
He was burgess of Aberdeen in 1571.
His wife died pre-1574.
He mar 2ndly, 6 July 1574, at Forbes, to Margrett Forbes.
Robert had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Robert Skene.
    Like his brother, he went to Poland.
    He became a burgess in Posen, Poland (now Poznan) in 1593. Listed as "Robertus Skin".

  2. David Skene, of the Mill of Potterton,
    born est c.1560.

There is a "birth brief" for David Skene of Belhelvie in Poland in 1586.
This must be our David Skene. He became a burgess in Poland in 1586. And he was from Belhelvie.
However it would imply he has a different mother to what was thought.
From p.174 of [Fischer, 1903].



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