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John Stanger, of Barrowden, Rutland

Marriage of John Stanger and Elizabeth Oliver, 25 Feb 1712, Thorpe Malsor.
From here.

John Stanger,
bapt 28 Nov 1686 in Barrowden, Rutland.
See Wikitree.
See entry in tree by Howard Smith.
Listed as of Barrowden at mar.
He mar 25 Feb 1712 [new style year] to Elizabeth Oliver.
They mar at Thorpe Malsor, W of Kettering, Northamptonshire.
Wikitree thinks she is the Elizabeth Oliver, dau of John Oliver and Jane Oliver, who was bapt 27 Mar 1690 in Arthingworth, Northamptonshire. Unclear what the proof is. There are other Elizabeth Olivers born in Northamptonshire around that time.
The Bishops Transcript of the marriage entry is confusing and has been mis-read as 25 Aug 1711.

John was buried 22 Jan 1746 [new style year] in Barrowden, age 59 yrs.
This has been mis-read as 22 June 1745, but placement in the records shows it is January of the new year.
Elizabeth was buried 26 June 1748 in Barrowden.
This has been mis-read as 1749. The burials book shows it is 1748.
They had issue:

  1. Humphrey Stanger,
    bapt 22 Nov 1719 in Barrowden.

  2. Oliver Stanger,
    bapt 25 Jan 1725 in Barrowden.
    This shows the family used "Oliver" as a first name.
    Would be after his mother Elizabeth Oliver.


Is our Humphrey Stanger this one or his cousin?

Our Humphrey Stanger married in 1746 to Susanna Clark and lived in Lyddington, Rutland.

We think Wikitree is wrong, because of the name "Oliver":

Names in the Poll Book for Barrowden, 1710.
Including "John Stanger".
This records the voters for Rutland (two MPs) in the 1710 general election. Voting in Rutland was on 16 Oct 1710.
From p.26 of The 1712 Land Tax Assessments and the 1710 Poll Book for Rutland. Edited by T H McK Clough (2005).

Burial of John Stanger, 22 Jan 1746, Barrowden.
From here.

Burial of Elizabeth Oliver, 26 June 1748, Barrowden.
From here.

Baptism of Humphrey Stanger, 22 Nov 1719 in Barrowden.
From here.

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