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Extract from [Burkes Irish, 1912].
Note the name "Prittie" comes into the family early. A number of people in the family use the name Prittie.
The line below is the line that descends from the marriage with Archer.
On the full page we see another Henry Prittie Bayly, not to be confused with this Henry Prittie Bayly.


Benjamin Neale Bayly,
mar Letitia Archer,
had issue:

Archer Bayly,
of Belfast,
mar Jane McCammond,
had issue:

  1. Henry Prittie Bayly, born 1815.
    Marriage notice describes him as of Belfast.
    See entry in tree by Teresa Stevens.
    He mar 6 May 1838, St.Michael's, Limerick, to Frances Mary Yeilding [Fanny, born 31 July 1810, descendant of Edward III].
    See notice in Belfast Newsletter, 11 May 1838. See marriage transcript.

    They lived Limerick.
    He is described as of Newenham St (near The Crescent), Limerick, in [Deed, Oct 1838].
    His wife's 2nd marriage notice describes him as of Limerick.
    He died 6 July 1849, Newenham St, Limerick, age 34 yrs.
    See notice in Limerick Chronicle, 7 July 1849.

    Frances mar 2ndly, 1856, to Richard Johnston Maunsell.
    See notice in Belfast Newsletter, 20 Sept 1856.
    He died 1860.
    She emigrated to Canada 1864.
    She mar 3rdly, 1865, to Thomas Doxey.
    He died pre-1881.
    She died 23 Apr 1904, Winnipeg, age 93 yrs.
    Henry Prittie and Frances had issue:

    1. Archer Bayly,
      born 1839, Limerick,
      mar Elisa Hardy
      and had issue:

      1. Henry Bayly,
        Henry Archer Bayly, born 1865, Ontario, Canada.

    2. Richard Yielding Bayly,
      born 1842, Limerick.
      See entry in tree by Catherine Cole.
      He mar Mary Kilfoyle.
      They had issue:

      1. Frances Yielding Bayly,
        born 1865, Troy, New York.
        She mar her 1st cousin Henry Bayly and had issue.

      2. Richard Yielding Benjamin Neale Bayly, born 1876,
        mar Catherine ----,
        had issue:

        1. Henry Sheriden Bayly, born 1904,
          had issue:

          1. Catherine Cole.
            DNA match with (Butler-Yielding family): Jennifer Butler and Billy Butler.

      3. Lyster George Bayly, born 1883.
        See entry in tree by Emily Riggs.
        He mar Amy Morgan.
        They had issue:

        1. Emily Graburn Bayly, born 1918,
          mar Bruce James Riggs and had issue:

          1. Emily Riggs.
            DNA match with (Butler-Yielding family): Kevin Dyke.

Frances' 1st marriage, 1838.
From Belfast Newsletter, 11 May 1838.

Frances' 2nd marriage, 1856.
From Belfast Newsletter, 20 Sept 1856.

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