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My ancestors - Blennerhassett - Contents


William Gun,
of Rattoo, Co.Kerry (the old Stoughton estate),
Gun acquired Rattoo 1669,
had issue:

  1. William Gun, had issue:

    1. Townsend Gun, of Rattoo,
      mar Elizabeth Blennerhassett [born 1702, descendant of Edward III]
      and had issue:

      1. Elizabeth Margaret Gun, born 14th Sept 1736,
        mar Thomas Mullins, 1st Baron Ventry and had issue.

      2. William Townsend Gun, of Rattoo,
        mar 1765 to Sarah Stoughton [descendant of Edward III],
        had issue:

        1. Elizabeth Gun, of Rattoo, born post-1765,
          mar 1stly, 1788, to James Fuller Harnett and had issue,
          he died Jan-Mar 1794,
          she mar 2ndly, Jan-May 1794, at Tralee, to William Ponsonby and had issue,
          marriage notices in Walker's Hibernian Magazine, 1794,
          indexed on p.361 and p.495 and p.504 of [Farrar, vol.2],
          (todo) see originals, Walker's Hibernian Magazine, May 1794, p.396, and June 1794, p.568.

        2. Townsend Gun, of Rattoo, mar Amelia Wilson and had issue:

          1. Jane Gun, mar Rev. Edward Maynard Denny and had issue.

          2. William Wilson Gun, of Rattoo, born 1809,
            built present Rattoo House 1836,
            had issue:

            1. Henry Allen Gun, of Rattoo, born 1842,
              mar Elizabeth Jackson and had issue:

              1. William Townsend Jackson Gun, of Rattoo, born 1876,
                High Sheriff of Co. Kerry 1902,
                researched family history, interested in Eugenics,
                died 1946.

        3. Catherine Gun, of Rattoo,
          mar Rev. Stephen Dunlevie (or Dunlevy),
          he was Chaplain of Kerry Militia 1794,
          Rector of Kenmare 1799-1808,
          Rector and Vicar of Kilmoe 1808-18,
          Vicar of Uregare, Co.Limerick, 1820,
          had issue:

          1. Frederica Dunlevie,
            Mary Frederica, Mary Fredrica,
            mar 1828 to her 1st cousin Thomas Carrique Ponsonby and had issue.

  2. George Gun,
    of Kilmorna and Gunsborough,
    mar Sarah Connor [descendant of Edward III] and had issue:

    1. John Gun, mar Martha Collis.

    2. George Gun, had issue:

      1. George Gun,
        of Ballybunion, Co.Kerry,
        his dau's marriage describes him as of "Litter, Co.Kerry",
        mar 1774 to Arabella Denny [descendant of Edward III] and had issue:

        1. Jane Joice Gun,
          mar 1stly, 1812, to Capt. Robert Cashell and had issue,
          mar 2ndly to William Hikeman.

    3. Sarah Gun, mar 1734 to Arthur Blennerhassett and had issue.

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