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My ancestors - Blennerhassett - Contents

John Blennerhassett, "The Evergreen"

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John Blennerhassett, "The Evergreen" (died 1855).
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From here in Stokes family photos by Teresa Stokes. Used with permission.
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John Blennerhassett,
called "The Evergreen",
attorney, solicitor, land agent.
He was living Tralee in 1794.
He mar 1stly, 10 Jan 1794, to Mary Anne Phaire [dau of Robert Phaire, or Phayre, of Temple Shannon, Co.Wexford, by his wife Richarda Annesley, dau of Richard Annesley, 6th Earl of Anglesea].
He moved to Dublin.
His Dublin office was at Kildare St as at 1799.
He witnessed Arthur Blennerhassett's marriage settlement, 1799.
Mary Anne was alive 1802 and possibly died pre-1804.
He had issue by 1st wife:

  1. (son) Blennerhassett,
    born Apr 1795, William St, Dublin,
    (todo) see Clare Journal, 30 Apr 1795.

  2. Aldworth Blennerhassett, born July 1797,
    Army officer, Ensign in 73rd Regiment in 1814,
    fought at Quatre Bras and Waterloo in June 1815,
    Lieutenant Oct 1815,
    joined 38th Regiment 1823,
    Captain 1834,
    mar 25 Dec 1843 (licence 20 Jan 1844) at St.George's Hanover Square, London, to Lucy Ann Douglas [of Essex],
    he is listed at 5 Clifton place, Monkstown, Co.Dublin (near his father's house) in [Thom's, 1852],
    he died 1854, age 57 yrs,
    Lucy Ann's will dated 9 June 1858,
    she died 7 July 1858, Stoke Damerel, Plymouth,
    will pr 12 Aug 1858,
    no issue.
    (His issue is confused in [Burkes Irish, 1976] with his brother's.)

  3. Goddard Blennerhassett, born 1802.

  4. Louisa Blennerhassett, died without issue.

  5. Richarda Blennerhassett, died without issue.

John mar 2ndly to Elizabeth Gorges [dau of Very Rev. Robert Gorges, of Kilbrew, Co.Meath, Dean of Kilmacduagh].
If dau married 1821 he must have married 2ndly before 1804. (Or maybe she is dau by 1st mar.)
Rev. Conway Blennerhassett's will 1805 lists him as John Blennerhassett of Dublin, attorney.
John Blennerhassett, attorney, 23 Kildare St, Dublin, is listed in [Dublin Almanac, 1806].
He is "John Blennerhassett", attorney, who is party to Deed of 31 Mar 1806, relating to his sister Letitia.
He would be "John Blennerhasset", solicitor, with office at 2 Molesworth St, Dublin, who is listed in Freemans Journal, December 20, 1815.
In 1820 he had office at 27 Lower Mount St, Dublin.
His son had his grandson baptised at Monkstown in 1825, so maybe they already had the Monkstown house (see below) at this point, but the father lived in town.
John was living Mount St, near Merrion Square, Dublin, as at 1827.
His mother-in-law Mrs. Gorges died at his house on Mount St on 6 Mar 1827. See p.382 in the Gentleman's Magazine, Apr 1827.
[Case, 1852] says that "John Blennerhassett" (must be him) obtained a judgement in 1831 that his niece Louisa Ponsonby owed him £263. This was apparently not paid before her death in 1836.
Living 35 Holles Street, Dublin, as at dau's mar 1837.
Listed in [Dublin Almanac, 1838, p.29] at 35 Holles Street, Dublin.
He had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Rachel Blennerhassett,
    mar 1821 to Thomas Gordon Higgins,
    he was Lieutenant general in Royal Artillery,
    he died 1871.

  2. Frances Blennerhassett,
    listed at mar 1837 as of 35 Holles Street, Dublin,
    mar by licence dated 1837,
    mar 18 Mar 1837 [St Peter's CoI church, Dublin] to Rev. Francis Voules and had issue.

John mar 3rdly in 1841 to Frances Louisa Digby [dau of Richard Digby].
They mar by licence dated 1841, no issue.
He lived before 1842 (see map) and maybe as early as 1825 (see above) at a house he called "Blennerville" in Monkstown, Co.Dublin. Listed as "Blennerville" on 1829 to 1842 map. It was in Monpelier or Montpelier townland, Monkstown par (on the Monkstown side of Blackrock), Co.Dublin.
By 1843 the house in Monkstown was called "Greenville".
He is listed at "Greenville, Blackrock" in [Post Office Directory of Dublin, 1843, p.158]. Office in town at 4 Lower Merrion St.
He is listed at "Greenville" under Stradbrook in Blackrock in [Thom's, 1850 and 1852].
He is also listed at 5 Clare St, Dublin, in [Thom's, 1852].
[Case, 1852] shows him still pursuing the debt (see above) from the heirs of his niece Louisa Ponsonby.
"He was familiarly known among his professional brothers as "The Evergreen", because of the youthful appearance which he retained up to the termination of his long life" [1917 article].
He died 26 Feb 1855, at his house "Greenville".
See notice in Cork Examiner, 28 Feb 1855.
He was bur Carrickbrennan churchyard, Carrickbrennan Road, Monkstown (see street view).
Though list of grave readings at Carrickbrennan (see photos) has no Blennerhassett grave.
Will pr 28 Apr 1855.
See newspaper notice about his estate, 18 Dec 1855.

The above portrait of "The Evergreen" was used in a profile of him in 1917.

"Blennerville", Co.Dublin, on 1829 to 1842 map.

The house is called "Greenville" on 1887 to 1913 map.
The house seems to be gone today and the site is now "Greenville Court" apartments. See modern street view.

John Blennerhassett listed at "Greenville" under Stradbrook in Blackrock in [Thom's, 1852].

Bernard Martin is listed at "Greenville" in [Thom's, 1868].


Signatures of John Blennerhassett, "the Evergreen"


[Deed, 1801] witnessed by Rev. John Blennerhassett (upper signature) and his son John Blennerhassett, "The Evergreen" (lower signature).
See full size.

Signatures of "John Blennerhassett", attorney, in Deed of 1806.
Clearly the same person.


Other signatures

There is a "John Blennerhassett" found in the [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in 1806-07.
By the signature, it must be a different person to the above.

Signature of "John Blennerhassett" in [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in Apr 1806.
Looks like a different person to the above.
See full size.

Signature of "John Blennerhassett" in [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in Apr-May 1806.
Similar to the above.
See full size.

Signature of "John Blennerhassett" in [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in May 1806.
Similar to the above.
See full size.

Signature of "John Blennerhassett" in [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in Mar 1807.
Similar to the above.
See full size.



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