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My wife's ancestors - Hallandal - Contents

George Hallandal

Alice Maud Hallandal and her dau Hilda Davis.
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George Hallandal,
born 16 Feb 1846, London,
in [UK census, 1861] he is age 15, living with parents, but has an occupation (illegible), not at school,
at mar he is "shopman", living 2 Bale St, Mile End, London (next door to Caroline's house),
mar 7 Feb 1870 to Caroline Day [born 1846 or 1847],
in [UK census, 1871] they are living 2 Bale St, Mile End, London, he is "grocer's warehouseman",
at dau's birth 1874 they are living 2 Bale St, Mile End, London, he is listed as "Warehouse man",
at dau's birth 1876 they are living 22 Wellington Rd, Bromley, London (see map), he is listed as "labourer",
at dau's birth 1879 they are living 68 Fairfoot Rd, Tower Hamlets, London (see map), he is listed as "Warehouse man",
they are listed in [UK census, 4 Apr 1881] as living 104 Rokeby St, West Ham, London (see map), he is listed as "Warehouseman",
he is described as "porter" at dau's mar 1896,
he died 23rd Dec 1886, of emphysema and bronchitis, at 104 Rokeby St, West Ham, London, age 40 yrs,
after his death, Caroline clearly couldn't cope, had to go out to work, sent daughter Alice to foster family (Alice listed as "adopted", living with another family, in 1891 census),
in [UK census, 1891] Caroline is living 27 Arnold Place, Bromley, Poplar, she has to work as a "Charwoman" (house cleaner),
in [UK census, 1901] she is living 62 Swaton Road, Tower Hamlets, London (see map), she is still a "Charwoman",
had issue:

  1. Alice Hallandal,
    born 15 Dec 1870, NOT 22 Dec,
    bapt 15 Jan 1871, St.Dunstan's church, Stepney High Street, Stepney, London (see map),
    alive in 1871 census,
    died young, pre-1876, there is another Alice.

  2. George Charles Edwin Hallandal,
    named after the two grandfathers, bapt 9 Feb 1873, St.Thomas, Stepney, London,
    died pre-1881.

  3. Caroline Hallandal,
    Caroline Mary Hallandal, born 26 Nov 1874, 2 Bale St, Mile End [GRO.UK],
    bapt 20 Dec 1874, St.Dunstan's church, Stepney, London,
    alive in 1891 census, working as "Domestic servant", age only 16.

  4. Alice Hallandal,
    Alice Maud Hallandal, think NOT Alice Mary,
    born 26 Sept 1876, 22 Wellington Rd, Bromley [GRO.UK],
    the family story was that her parents died when she was young, she was brought up by strict maiden ladies, members of Plymouth Brethren, couldn't wait to marry to escape them,
    it is true that her father died when she was young (1886), but her mother did not, her mother was in fact still living when Alice got married,
    however we see in 1891 census (when she was 14) she is not living with her mother,
    she is listed in [UK census, 1891] as "adopted", living with the Jenkins family at 21 Mays Buildings, St. Martin's Lane, London (see map),
    the Jenkins family in 1891 consisted of Charlotte Jenkins, age 48, a cook, single (not widowed, Jenkins is her maiden name), with a daughter May Jenkins (must be illegitimate), age 19; and also Charlotte's sister May Jenkins, age 51, single, a domestic/kitchenmaid,
    at mar Alice is still living 21 Mays Buildings,
    mar 29 Aug 1896 [her age 19, him age 34], St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London [GRO.UK],
    to James Davis [born 1862] and had issue.

  5. Edith Hallandal,
    Edith Sarah Hallandal, born 3 Oct 1879, 68 Fairfoot Rd, Tower Hamlets [GRO.UK],
    alive in 1881 census.

  6. Ellen Hallandal,
    born 1885, West Ham, London,
    alive in 1901 census, working as "Trouser finisher", age only 16.

  7. Georgina Hallandal,
    born 1887, West Ham, London (after father's death),
    alive in 1901 census, working as "Domestic servant", age only 13.

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