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My ancestors - Flanagan - Contents


Cosgrave of Co.Wexford

[Jordan, 2006] says Cosgrave were from Kilrush parish, near Bunclody (Newtownbarry), Co.Wexford (see map).
Liam Cosgrave thought they were from Askamore, Carnew par, some way E of Bunclody, Co.Wexford (see map and map). He was shown a Cosgrave gravestone in or near Askamore which was said to be related.

The family story is that a Cosgrave was executed in the 1798 Rising and the family moved to Co.Kildare.
Liam Cosgrave thought he was executed at Carnew, just over the border in Co.Wicklow.
Note a massacre of rebel prisoners took place at Carnew in May 1798.

Graveyard at Askamore, Co.Wexford, on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern street view.

1798 memorial at Carnew, Co.Wicklow.
From here. Creative Commons.
See street view.


Cosgrave of Co.Kildare

The story is that after a Cosgrave of Co.Wexford was executed in the 1798 Rising, the family moved to Co.Kildare.
We start with:

Patrick Cosgrave,
mar Mary Nolan,
lived Castledermot, in the far S of Co.Kildare (on Co.Carlow border),
younger children baptised in 1851 to 1863 in Castledermot RC parish,
he must be "Patrick Cosgrave" who is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852] as holding 8 acres (with no house) at Knockaphuca, Castledermot par (near Castledermot town, see old map), his house must be elsewhere,
she must be "Mary Cosgrove" who is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852] in a small house (plot 6) on Main St, Castledermot,
he is NOT Patrick Cosgrave who died Athy, 1864, age 80 [GROI] (he is a bachelor),
(todo) try death of Patrick Cosgrove, [GROI], Carlow, 4th qr 1878, age 67 (born 1811), vol 3 p 345,
(todo) try death of Patrick Cosgrave, [GROI], Baltinglass, 2nd qr 1900, age 84 (born 1816), vol 2 p 345,
had issue:
  1. Philip Cosgrave,
    eldest son, probably born 1847 (see death),
    he is listed at Castledermot in 1900 census,
    died 1930,
    (todo) see death of Philip Cosgrave, [GROI], Athy, 3rd qr 1930, age 83 (born 1847), vol 3 p 175,
    buried at "the family burial grounds" at Levitstown, W of Castledermot (see map),
    this might be Tankardstown graveyard, Co.Laois, on W side of Levitstown (see old map and modern satellite view),
    see funeral list in Irish Independent, August 8, 1930.

  2. Thomas Cosgrave,
    second son, bapt 5 Aug 1854 [Castledermot RC par records],
    moved to Dublin, ran pub in Dublin,
    possibly first ran a pub at 32 Mary St, Dublin,
    he may be Thomas Cosgrave, wine and spirit merchant, listed at 32 Mary St in [Thom's, 1877],
    in 1877 he opened a pub at 174 James's St, Dublin,
    see notice of opening in Freemans Journal, June 9, 1877,
    the notice makes no mention of 32 Mary St, but instead lists Cosgrave as late of John Nixon's pub, 80 Upper Dorset St (would be relation of his wife),
    listed at James's St at marriage,

    mar 23 Oct 1877, St.Francis Xavier's church, Upper Gardiner St, Dublin, to Bridget Nixon,
    see notice in Leinster Express, October 27, 1877,
    (todo) see mar of Bridget Nixon and Thomas Cosgrave, [GROI], Dublin North, registered 1877 (or possibly registered 3rd qr 1903), vol 2 p 523,
    Bridget was bapt 7 Oct 1855 [Caragh RC par records, Co.Kildare], dau of William Nixon and Margaret Fitzgerald,
    William Nixon was of Landenstown, between Prosperous and Caragh (or Carragh), in the N end of Co.Kildare (a long way from Castledermot, see map),

    Thomas became a Poor Law Guardian in Dublin,
    [Thom's, 1884] lists him as a Poor Law Guardian for Palmerstown district for the South Dublin Union, the other guardian for Palmerstown was Michael Flanagan,
    he was also said (e.g. Freemans Journal report on his brother, 2 Oct 1922) to be a T.C. (councillor) but this may be wrong, not listed as such at death 1888,
    he died at 174 James's St, 7 July 1888, age 33 yrs,
    see death notice in Freemans Journal, July 9, 1888,
    funeral 9 July 1888, bur Goldenbridge cemetery, Inchicore, Co.Dublin,
    see funeral report in Freemans Journal, July 10, 1888, attendance included the High Sheriff and Michael Flanagan and Richard McCoy.

    Bridget mar 2ndly, Sept 1891, to Tom Burke [Thomas, of Seskin, Co.Tipperary, born 1861 according to census] and had further issue,
    see the family pub at 174 James's St, Dublin in 1901 census,
    see the pub at 174 James's St, Dublin, in 1911 census (return in Irish),
    Thomas Burke died 24 March 1922, age 61 yrs,
    pub sold c.1924,
    Bridget died 18 Jan 1934, age 78 yrs,
    Thomas Cosgrave and Bridget had issue:

    1. W.T. Cosgrave,
      first Prime Minister of Ireland ("President"), 1922-32,
      William Thomas, Willie,
      would be after grandfather William Nixon,
      born 6th June 1880, 174 James's St, Dublin.

    2. Philip Cosgrave, born 1885,
      see election record,
      Sinn Fein TD 1921-22,
      (pro-Treaty) Sinn Fein TD 1922-23,
      Governor of Mountjoy prison as at 1922, when Humphreys and O'Rahilly women were jailed there,
      Cumann na nGaedheal TD 1923, elected for Dublin South in general election Aug 1923 (topped the poll),
      died 22nd Oct 1923, age 38 yrs,
      his seat was held at the ensuing by-election Mar 1924 by James O'Mara.

  3. Patrick Cosgrave,
    born 9 May 1863, Castledermot, youngest son,
    bapt 10 May 1863 [Castledermot RC par records],
    uncle of the President W.T. Cosgrave,
    shot dead by Republicans during the Civil War, Sat 30 Sept 1922, age 59 yrs.

    The killing of Patrick Cosgrave, 1922:
    In late 1922, Patrick Cosgrave was helping his sister-in-law run the Cosgrave/Burke pub, 174 James's St, Dublin, after her 2nd husband's death.
    It seems that Republicans decided to target the pub for robbery because it was the Cosgrave (Free State) pub.
    The pub was robbed on Mon 25 Sept 1922 by eight armed men, who said they were "Republicans .. fighting for Ireland".
    On Sat 30 Sept 1922, the pub was raided again, by four armed men. Irish Independent says these were different men to before. They apparently planned to just rob the pub, but Patrick Cosgrave put up resistance and they shot him dead.
    See account in Freemans Journal, 2 Oct 1922.
    Also account in Irish Independent, 2 Oct 1922.

Marriage of Thomas Cosgrave and Bridget Nixon.
Leinster Express, October 27, 1877.

Thomas Cosgrave at 174 James's St in [Thom's, 1880].

List of elected Poor Law Guardians for the South Dublin Union in [Thom's, 1884].
Thomas Cosgrave is guardian for Palmerstown.
Michael Flanagan is the other guardian for Palmerstown.
William Flanagan (Michael's brother) is guardian for Rathfarnham.
Thomas Cosgrave's son W.T. Cosgrave would marry Michael Flanagan's daughter in 1919.


The pub at 32 Mary St, Dublin

Thomas Cosgrave possibly ran this pub before he ran the pub at 174 James's St.
[Thom's] suggests it may be the same Thomas Cosgrave: But on the other hand:


Thomas Cosgrave at 32 Mary St in [Thom's, 1877].

The junction of Mary St and Denmark St / Upper Liffey St on 1887 to 1913 map.
Denmark St is gone today, since the N side of Mary St is vanished under the Ilac Centre.
Upper Liffey St survives.
32 Mary St (yellow spot) is the building at the corner of Mary St and Upper Liffey St, on S side of Mary St.

32 Mary St is Moore's pub in [Thom's, 1910] above.
It is Bourke's pub in [Thom's, 1945].

32 Mary St, still a pub (The Elbow Inn) in 1971.
View is from Mary St looking S down Upper Liffey St.
From Dublin City Council.
32 Mary St is listed as "The Elbow Inn - vacant" in [Thom's, 1973].
The old building at 32 Mary St is now gone and replaced with a new building, no longer a pub. See street view.

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