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My ancestors - Flanagan - Contents


George Dempsey.
From Belvedere College.

George Dempsey,
mar pre-1849 to Anne Barlow and had issue:

  1. George Dempsey,
    teacher of James Joyce and the model for "Mr. Tate",
    George Stanislaus Dempsey, born 1854, Dublin,
    bapt 1854 [St.Mary's RC par records].
    He taught English and History at Belvedere College 1884 to 1923.
    At marriage he was living 2 Fitzgibbon St, off Mountjoy Square (near Belvedere College).

    He mar 1888 to Mary Doyle [born 20 March 1865].
    Despite teaching at Belvedere College on the northside, he also ran a grocery and post office on the southside, at 13 Dunville Ave, Rathmines (near Ranelagh, see map).
    He is George S. Dempsey, grocer, post office, 13 Dunville Ave, Rathmines, listed in [Thom's] at least 1894 to 1919.

    He was James Joyce's English teacher at Belvedere 1894-98, and was an important influence on him. He picked him out early as a talented writer and encouraged him.
    He would set an essay title for the other students, and then he would say: "And Joyce, you can write about whatever you like."
    In 1899 he put Joyce in contact with the editor of The Fortnightly Review, who then published Joyce's first published work in 1900.
    See entry on Dunville Ave, Rathmines, in [Census, 1901]. He is listed as "Professor, Belvedere College".
    In 1907 George Dempsey got a poem of Joyce (now in exile) published anonymously in The Belvederian [Bradley, 2004].
    Belvedere of course wanted nothing to do with Joyce until attitudes changed in the late 20th century.
    See entry on Dunville Ave, Rathmines, in [Census, 1911]. He is "Professor of English Literature". They have two servants living with them.
    He was also the English teacher of the poet Austin Clarke (born 1896) who was at Belvedere in 1905-12.
    The character of "Mr. Tate" in Joyce's novels A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916) and Stephen Hero (written 1904-06, published 1944) is based on Dempsey.
    Retired from teaching 1923.

    George died 29 June 1924, 13 Dunville Ave, age 70 yrs.
    See death notice in Irish Times, June 30, 1924.
    He was bur at Glasnevin Cemetery, Tuesday, July 1, 1924.
    See funeral list in Irish Times, July 3, 1924.
    See obituary in Irish Times, July 5, 1924.

    "Mrs. Dempsey" is listed as niece of the Alderman at his death 1931.
    [Grave record] says her address at death was Garda Depot, Phoenix Park (with her daughter).
    She died 16 July 1949, age 84 yrs.
    She was bur with husband at Glasnevin Cemetery.
    (todo) See death of Mary Ellen Dempsey, [GROI], 3rd qr 1949, age 84, Dublin South, vol 2 p 367.
    George and Mary had issue:

    1. Eileen Dempsey,
      Eileen M., think NOT Aileen, born 1891, Dublin,
      listed in 1911 census as "Undergraduate, National University",
      mar 1916 to John Patrick Healy,
      (todo) see marriage of John Patrick Healy and Eileen Dempsey, [GROI], Dublin South, 1st qr 1916, vol 2, p 656.

    2. George Dempsey, born 1892,
      died 28 Oct 1897, age 5 yrs, bur Dempsey grave at Glasnevin.

    3. Marjorie Dempsey,
      Marjorie H., born 1895, Dublin,
      mar 1921 to Dr. Vincent Ellis and had issue,
      (todo) see marriage of Vincent Ellis and Marjorie Dempsey, [GROI], Dublin South, 1st qr 1921, vol 2, p 639.

    4. Geraldine Dempsey,
      Geraldine M., born 1899, Dublin,
      mar 1922 to Dr. Edward Thomas McElligott,
      (todo) see mar of Edward Thomas McElligott and Geraldine Dempsey, [GROI], Dublin South, 3rd qr 1922, vol 2 p 464.

Mr. Tate in Ch.2 of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

The George Dempsey Memorial Prize.
From Belvedere College.

George Dempsey grave, Glasnevin

Grave of George Dempsey, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.
Location: Letter: GF, Figures: 205, Section: GARDEN. Far side of the O'Connell Circle.
See street view.

George Dempsey grave, Glasnevin.
Photo 2013. See full size and wider shot.

Photo 2013. See full size.

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