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My ancestors - Flanagan - Contents


Tourville, Rathmines, on 1887 to 1913 map.
Peter Doyle's grocery and "Italian warehouse" was at "No.2 Tourville", which [Thom's] shows is different to the main Tourville house.

Peter Doyle,
born 1833 [by age in census] or 1832 [by age in grave record],
born Co.Kildare,
could be related to these Doyles,
grocer in Rathmines, Co.Dublin,
Peter Doyle, grocer and "Italian warehouse", No.2 Tourville, Rathmines road, is listed in [Thom's] at least 1861 to 1910,
mar pre-1863 to Elizabeth Flanagan [bapt 2nd Jan 1832],
living Rathmines at children's bapts 1863 on,
living Tourville, Rathmines at dau's bapt 1865,
living Tourville, Rathmines at dau's wedding 1888,
"Mr. P. Doyle" is listed as "brother in law" of John Flanagan at his death 1894,
they are listed on Rathmines Rd in [Census, 1901], he is listed as grocer and wine merchant,
[grave record] gives his address at death as "2 Tourville, Rathmines",

Peter died 6 May 1906, Tourville, Rathmines, age 73 yrs or 74 yrs,
(todo) see death of Peter Doyle, [GROI], 2nd qr 1906, age 75 (born 1831), Dublin South, vol 2 p 471,
see death notice in Irish Times, May 7, 1906,
funeral 8 May, bur Glasnevin Cemetery,
see death notice in Irish Times, May 12, 1906,

Elizabeth is listed as a widow on Rathmines Rd in [Census, 1911], she is listed as shopkeeper, grocer,
[grave record] gives her address at death as "2 Tourville, Rathmines",
she died 4 Feb 1913, age 81 yrs, bur with husband in Glasnevin Cemetery,
had issue:

  1. Edward William Doyle, born 10 April 1863,
    bapt 12 April 1863 [Rathmines RC par records, no.3720].

  2. Mary Doyle,
    Mary Ellen Doyle, born 20 March 1865, Dublin, eldest dau,
    bapt 23 March 1865 [Rathmines RC par records, no.4278],
    Mary Ellen Doyle sp the bapt of Agnes Flanagan 1882,
    living Tourville, Rathmines at mar,
    mar 23 July 1888 [Rathmines RC par records, no.113],
    see marriage notice in ["Irish-American" newspaper, August 18, 1888],
    to George Dempsey [the model for "Mr. Tate" in Joyce] and had issue.

  3. Charles J. Doyle, born 30 March 1867,
    bapt 4 April 1867 [Rathmines RC par records, no.4936].

  4. Peter Leo Doyle,
    born 7 June 1868, Co.Dublin,
    bapt 10 July 1868 [Rathmines RC par records, no.5346],
    perhaps known as "Leo" since his father was Peter, "Mr. L. Doyle" is listed as "nephew" of John Flanagan at his death 1894,
    [grave record] lists him as just "Peter",
    living at home in 1901 census, unmarried, listed as "chemist",
    [grave record] gives his address at death 1922 as "Tourville, Rathmines Rd",
    died 28 Sept 1922, age 54 yrs, bur with parents in Glasnevin.

  5. Elizabeth Doyle,
    Elizabeth Louisa Doyle, born 18 October 1870, Co.Dublin,
    bapt 24 October 1870 [Rathmines RC par records, no.6187],
    living at home in 1901 census, unmarried, listed as "artist",
    living with mother in 1911 census, unmarried, listed as "artist".

  6. Edmond Doyle, youngest son,
    Edmond J. Doyle, born 20 November 1872,
    bapt 22 November 1872 [Rathmines RC par records, no.6955],
    died at home, Tourville, Rathmines, 10 Mar 1887, age 14,
    see death notice in ["Irish-American" newspaper, 4 Apr 1887] (also here, this is NOT the "American-Irish" newspaper),
    (todo) see death of Edmond John Clement Doyle, [GROI], 2nd qr 1887, age 14, Dublin South, vol 2 p 514.

Peter Doyle grave, Glasnevin

Peter Doyle was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.
There is no headstone, but the plot can be identified.
Location: Letter: PB, Figures: 68.5, Section: SOUTH.
This is close to the John Flanagan grave.

Site of grave of Peter Doyle, Glasnevin.
No headstone. The Doyle plot is the grassy plot in between these two graves with headstones.
Photo 2013. See full size.
See wider shot showing John Flanagan grave in background at the path.

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