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My ancestors - Flanagan - Contents

Sister Padua Flanagan

Sister Padua Flanagan.
See larger and full size.

Sister Padua Flanagan,
born 26 Nov 1875, Mary Frances Flanagan, Mary, "Polly",
became nun 1894, joined Sisters of Charity,
took name "Sister Padua" or "Sister Mary Padua", poss. also "Pauline",
grave has her as "Sister Joseph Padua".
[Frank Flanagan's memoirs] said: "she was a beautiful girl, and gave up a luxurious home to serve God". He said she was "the cleverest and liveliest member of the family". "She was the happiest person I ever met and the day before she joined the Charity nuns, she went to a big dance and discarded her worldly garments afterwards."
Can't find her in 1901 census.
She entered Sisters of Charity, Mt. St. Anne's Convent, Milltown, Co.Dublin, c.1902.
She is listed as "Mary Flanagan" at Mt. St. Anne's in [Census, 2 April 1911].
She was the anonymous author of a biography [Flanagan, 1924] of the founder of her order, Mary Aikenhead.
She died Mt. St. Anne's, 20 July 1936, age 60 yrs [mass card], [GROI].
See obituary and funeral report in newspaper, July 1936.
She was bur Kilbarrack Cemetery, Howth road.
See cover page of religious notes prepared by her shortly before death.

Mt. St. Anne's, Milltown, on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern street view.

Grave of Sister Padua Flanagan

Grave of Sister Padua Flanagan.
Sisters of Charity grave plot, Kilbarrack cemetery, on the coast road to Howth, Co.Dublin. At the back on the LHS.
See street view.

Gravestone of Sister Padua Flanagan.
All the gravestones are new.
Photo 2017. See larger and full size.
See wider shot.

Sisters of Charity grave plot.
Photo 2017. See full size.
See other shot. See main cross.

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