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My wife's ancestors - Gerard - Contents

Gerard, Earl of Macclesfield

Also spelled "Gerrard".

Tomb of Sir Gilbert Gerard and Ann Ratcliffe (the two figures lying down).
The figure at the end is their eldest son Thomas Gerard, 1st Baron Gerard. The wall shows their daughters.
Ashley, Staffordshire.
Photo 2012. See full size. From here.
See another shot. From here.

James Gerard,
of Lancashire,
mar Margaret Holcroft,
had issue:

Sir Gilbert Gerard, born pre-1523,
mar Ann Ratcliffe [or Radcliffe, dau of Thomas Ratcliffe and Isabel Boteler],
Attorney General and Master of the Rolls,
around 1575 he built Gerrard's Bromley Hall near Ashley, Staffordshire,
knighted 1579,
Ann stayed Catholic, he was accused of protecting Catholics,
died 1593, probably at Gerrard's Bromley,
she died 1608,
both bur in impressive tomb in Gerard Chapel, Church of St John the Baptist, Ashley, Staffordshire,
had issue:

Ratcliffe Gerard, younger son,
of Halsall, Lancashire,
mar Elizabeth Somerset [born est c.1572, descendant of Edward III],
she died 1609, bur with parents in St.James' church, Bristol,
had issue:

Sir Charles Gerard, Kt, born est c.1590,
of Halsall,
mar, licence dated 3 Jan 1612 [at the time regarded as the end of 1611] to Penelope Fitton [descendant of Edward III],
had issue:

  1. Charles Gerard, 1st Earl of Macclesfield, born c.1618.

Sir Gilbert Gerard on his tomb at Ashley, Staffordshire.
Photo 2012. From here.
See larger and full size.

Ann Ratcliffe on her tomb at Ashley, Staffordshire.
Photo 2012. From here.
See full size.

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