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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

Sidney Gibbon

Sidney Gibbon,
born 25 Aug 1870, Alexandria, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
There is a story that he and a cousin were caught as stowaways on a ship bound for Australia in Port Elizabeth harbour.
This cousin must have been Monty Gibbon.
He left Alexandria. He settled far to the N, at Aliwal North, central South Africa (see map).
He mar pre-1907 at Aliwal North to Martha Ferreira [Martha Johanna Hester Ferreira].
The expenses book of Arthur Augustus Gibbon lists a wedding present for "Lizzie Gibbon" in June 1899. Maybe this is for her stepson Sidney's marriage?
All children born Aliwal North.
Listed as living Durban St, Aliwal North, at death.
He died in the hospital at Aliwal North, 4 Apr 1944, age 73 yrs [death cert].
Martha fl 1944.
Sidney and Martha had issue:

  1. Edgar Gibbon,
    mar 1stly to --- du Plessiss and had issue:
    1. Geoff Gibbon.
    mar 2ndly to Willida Pretorius and had issue:
    1. Gary Gibbon, mar Cindy Elizabeth Lamb and had issue:
      1. Joshua Gibbon.
      2. Daniel Gibbon.

  2. William Thomas Gibbon, mar and had issue.
  3. Violet Gibbon, mar J. Greeff and had issue.
  4. Sydney Gibbon, mar --- Goosen and had issue.
  5. Arthur Albert Gibbon, mar and had issue.
  6. Henry Gibbon, mar --- Morgan and had issue.

  7. Frank Kenneth Gibbon, mar Doreen Mary Potter and had issue:
    1. Gordon Gibbon, mar --- and had issue.
    2. Gaynor Gibbon, mar --- and had issue.
    3. John Gibbon, mar --- and had issue:
      1. Craig Gibbon.
      2. 1 other child, Gibbon.

  8. Ronald Reginald Gibbon, mar Susanna Maria Kotzé and had issue:
    1. Veronica Gibbon, had issue:
      1. Liezl van der Merwe.
    2. Sydney Gibbon.
    3. Cynthia Gibbon.
    4. Gerald Gibbon.

  9. George Gilbert Gibbon, mar and had issue.
  10. Joan Gibbon, mar --- Dörn-Schnirring and had issue.
  11. Edna Gibbon, mar --- Solms and had issue.
  12. Dudley Gibbon, mar and had issue.

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