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My wife's ancestors - Gibbon - Contents

John Gibbon

John Gibbon.
DNA match to many people. See below.
Descendant of Edward III.
He mar Janet Noltie.
They had issue:

  1. Elizabeth Gibbon.
    See her ancestors by Leo van de Pas.
    See interesting ancestors by Leo van de Pas.
    She mar Mark Humphrys and had issue.

  2. David Gibbon,
    mar Marina Trunilova and had issue:

    1. Jennifer Gibbon.
    2. Emma Gibbon.

DNA matches

John Gibbon is a DNA match with all of the following, so all these lines are DNA proven:

What tartan should be used?

What tartan should a Gibbon descendant use?

Well of course, tartans are only a bit of fun. Not only do most people use tartans of families they have no proven descent from, but most tartans themselves are in fact recent inventions. So while the real answer to: "What tartan should be used?" is: "Whatever you like", there is in fact a provable question here which could be interesting, which is: "Does the family actually descend from any clan?"

There is a tartan used on the Noltie side:

On the other hand, the Gibbon family is provably descended from many Scottish clans:

And the Gibbon family also descends from the Royal House of Stewart.
So the Royal Stewart tartan could be used. (In fact, this is regarded as a tartan that anyone can use.)

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